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Subject: [ebxml-iic] 9/30/2003: 2003 Scenario Abstract

I received the input from NCA (Thank you), and had one change to 
accommodate the possible Reg/Rep type test.  I have not received other 
responses and wish to provide the draft abstract scenario to OASIS, to 
meet the deadline constraints.  I am sure we can work on this over time 
to evolve the scenario to accommodate the participating parties.

> ================================================================================================== 
> Testing is instrumental for a successful implementation and deployment 
> of inter-enterprise eBusiness standards. B2B testbeds are enabling 
> instruments to:
>  - Assure and assess quality of emerging standards
>  - Promote standards adoption in the vendor products and by users
>  - Validate conformance of the products to standards
>  - Validate interoperability between the vendor products and their 
> implementations.
> To meet these business needs and instill business confidence, the 
> OASIS ebXML  Implementation, Interoperability and Conformance (IIC) 
> developed the ebXML Test Framework v.1.0.  In the first release, this 
> framework defined a test suite for ebXML Messaging Service (ebMS) 
> basic interoperability - for conformance and interoperability testing 
> - and is continuing its work to provide test specifications for other 
> ebXML and industry payload specifications.
> In this real-business scenario, the ebXML IIC and complementary test 
> suites will exercise key elements of the ebXML Test Framework 
> including conformance and interoperability for remote and local 
> reporting modes.  In addition, the IIC has defined connection and 
> service mode for the using the Test Driver and Test Service 
> components.  The ebXML IIC is collaborating with test suite groups 
> worldwide, from United States to South Korea to Europe.
> This real-world test scenario may involve complementary tests, such as:

    * A supply chain where a buyer or supplier - a marketplace product,
      process engine, or message handler service - must test an upgrade
      with their solutions as well as with their customers. The
      enhancements will then be integrated into production operations.
    * Providing access to services or objects via a Registry to support
      the supply chain operations.

> These incremental testing processes are new requirements by the supply 
> chain to ensure the product functions meet its reliability goals and 
> provide ready access to discover services to support operations.
> For example, this testing may involve ebMS functions such as:
>  - Conformance: Generation of a payload containers, resending of retries
>  - Interoperability: Asynchronous request, signed acknowledgements, 
> and error handling
> ================================================================================================== 
> Background information (for reference):
> The ebXML IIC developed test specifications for a test framework and 
> procedures to automate the ebXML conformance and interoperability 
> tests.  The test framework specifies distributed software components. 
> This OASIS technical committee (TC) is focused on test automation, 
> computable execution and verifiable results.
> At this time at least two test groups will join ebXML IIC - NCA and 
> Drake Certivo.  In 2002, the Department of e-Business Research, 
> Knowledge and Information Technology Division of the National 
> Computerization Agency (NCA) completed the development of their 
> conformance test requirements for ebMS, Registry/Repository, and 
> Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement (CPP/A) as well as ebMS 
> interoperability test requirements. They are now enhancing their test 
> bed to follow the ebXML IIC test framework.  Drake Certivo will also 
> demonstrate their test suite functionality based on this test 
> framework. Drake Certivo has also conducted interoperability and 
> compliance tests for RosettaNet.  Other interoperability players may 
> participate in this incremental test demonstration from the eBusiness 
> Standardization (eBES) vendor forum under CEN-ISSS.

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