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ebxml-iic message

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Subject: minutes, and call info from Jeff Eck

Title: minutes, and call info from Jeff Eck


minutes attached.

Note that the call is at 10am PT, instead of 11amPT usually... (right jeff?)

Just reminding of the call info (GXS hosting), as sent out by Jeff Eck:

Here is the dial-in information:

Host: Jeff Eck (GXS)
Date/Time: Monday Oct-6 10:00AM PT (1:00PM ET)
Call 1.877.434.7266 or 301.340.5190
Meeting ID# 32965 (ebXML)



IIC Conference Call Joint Minutes: 
Monday, September 29, 2003

Monica Martin (Sun)
Tim Sakach (DrakeCertivo)
Mike Kass (NIST)
Jacques Durand (Fujitsu)
Pete Wenzel (SeeBeyond)
Serm Kulvatunyou (NIST)
Jinhwa (NCA/Korea)


Steve Yung (Sun)

Minutes taker: Jacques Durand

Time: Monday September 15, 11am PT
Host: Fujitsu 
Toll Free - : 1-800-251-6413 
Toll - : 1-913-905-1400 
Participant code: 598136 


1. Status of MS conformance test suite spec. (Mike Kass editor) 
- abstract test cases description, parameters.
- section 3.5: (and 3.4) separation of T.Fmk-related material.
- is it ready for last review.

2. Test Framework: 
- review of the upgrade requirements list.

3. XML 2003 Dec 7: demos
- candidates for demoing IIC?
- eBES demo at XML 2003, 7-12 December (Monica)

4. Other ebXML work:
- new JC: compatibility matrix for versions of various ebXML components. 
- Status on conformance testing for BPSS / RR: 


1. Status of MS conformance test suite spec. (Mike Kass editor) 

- Jacques: a few updates on 0.96: use of some parameters ($messageId), and remaining refs 
to test Driver and parameters that should not belong to an abstract test suite.
- Mike : remaining updates will be done by Friday.
- test suite put to vote (email) next week.

2. Test Framework

- Tim: TF need to update so it allows to create messages/payloads, manipulate 
the content of documents inside. (e.g. BODs). TF needs to manipulate templates
 of doc instances to start from and modify.
- could use an existing update dialect (XUpdate) but has its limitations.
XSL is more standard. XSLT sheets will also need be modified by expressions.
- need to add more diverse verification operations: schema validation of 
inbound messages, possibly semantic constraints (rules, e.g. schematron)
- Monica: TF should not be bound to specific tools, its script lge remain
independent from such tools which may be replaced.
- However, recognized standards (XSL, XPath) can be used.
- Mike posted an "errata" sheet for TF. Is proposing to remove the hardwired
ebMS dependency of TF (persistence/MIME, schema) so that the TF can be generalized
to other messaging.
- Serm says tehr eis a need to handle relationships between test cases (and test reqs).
e.g. conditional test case execution based on previous test case result.

3. XML 2003 Dec 7: demos

- Jinhwa from NCA/Korea, explained the NCA implementation of the TF.
They can support conformance as well as interoperability testing. Could demo both
at Phil., and conformance tests to ebMS as well as RegRep. We would support
their demo.
- Tim: Drake is interested in participating at demo. Could demonstrate negative
test scenarios for ebMS conformance.
- Plan is to submit an IIC demo proposal featuring a couple of TF implementations.
Monica will dow write-up and send out. 
We'll decide later how to split the demo work (who does what)
between our two vendors. Due to logistic constraints, NCA will likely do their
demo standalone, on their own ebMS / RR implementations. Drake will try to
hook-up with other ebXML demo participants (e,g, eBES)
- TF demo can fit in a general business scenario, to support the "implementation
upgrade" scenario (e.g. requiring interim or maintenance interop testing).
- Monica: there will be a large integrated demo (RR+CPPA+ebMS+SAML)
and there will be also an eBES demo with a couple of scenarios (SCM, "Papinet", 24/7)
eBES could provide impementation under test to IIC: to explore.

4. Others

- (not discussed)

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