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Subject: minutes and more

Title: minutes and more


1. The TC voted to approve the ebMS conformance test suite 1.0., as "committee draft" (formerly committee spec)
All voters who have expressed a vote (10), approved. Two did not vote, over 12 members.
We have now a well-rounded pair of test suites for ebMS (conformance + interoperability)

2. Minutes meeting today attached.



IIC Conference Call Minutes: 
Monday, October 13, 2003

Monica Martin (Sun)
Tim Sakach (DrakeCertivo)
Angela Warburton (DrakeCertivo)
Mike Kass (NIST)
Jacques Durand (Fujitsu)
Jin Hwa (NCA/Korea)


Steve Yung (Sun)
Pete Wenzel (SeeBeyond)
Serm Kulvatunyou (NIST)

Minutes taker: Jacques Durand

Time: Monday October 13, 11am PT
Host: Fujitsu 
Toll Free - : 1-800-251-6413 
Toll - : 1-913-905-1400 
Participant code: 598136 


1. Closing on vote for MS conformance test suite spec. (Jacques)
- Satatus and plans for the side material (executable test suite...). 
2. Test Framework: (Mike Kass)
- status of updates in progress 
- review of the complete upgrade requirements list for next maintenance release. 
3. XML 2003 Dec 7: demos (Monica) 
- IIC-related demo candidates
- - overall status, other participants, eBES demo at XML 2003, 7-12 December 
4. Other ebXML work:
- new JC: compatibility matrix for versions of various ebXML components.
- Global interop testing. 
- Status on conformance testing for BPSS / RR: 


1. Closing on MS conformance test suite (Vote for committee draft) 

- Jacques: email voting terminated today. Over 12 IIC voting members, 
10 have approved, 2 did not vote.
- the ebMS conformance test suite is now a committee draft. It will be published
and packaged with some other material: annotated spec, "executable" test suite,
associated XML docs (message material, conformance profiles...)
- We'll complete then this package before posting it next week on our site:
all other material besides the "abstract" conf test suite, is not voted yet
by the TC as "committee draft". But we'll just vote it as an editor draft,
authorizing its release.
- Tim pointed out that before voting the executable test suite as committee draft,
we need indeed to test it and wait for feedback. KWareSoft is doing this.
- The XML docs part of this package is referred to by the other docs. We agree
this reference will be relative, assuming all docs are packaged together
and deployed under same dir. (i.e. will not link a specific doc on OASIS site.)
- Jacques proposes to add the "annotated spec" to Mike's package, but to
remove the TEstFramework doc.
- We'll add a kind of table of content in a README file that briefly explains 
for each file what it is. Jacques to have the first cut at this.
- Monica: we need something like a deployment guide, or a check-list to help
users figure how to use this package (README).
- Jin Hwa will let us now their comments on the package if any.

2. Test Framework

- Mike has sent out the list of proposed upgrades.
- each item needs numbering.
- Mike already started to work on schema modifications (largely done). 
Needs to be reflected in spec doc (editorial).
- Use of template docs for message data: the "mutator" functions will use
XPath or at best XSLT, to express updates.
- Issue: how much backward compatibility should we commit to? Mike believes
we should preserve compatibility. jacques suggests we ask implementors
how much they value this. If none complains about breaking compatibility,
we would be better off having a clean, homogeneous extensibility design.
- option1: TFk upgrade is just an extension of previous one (so back compat.)
- option2: Tfk upgrade removes any ebMS-specific "hardcoded" feature, and
treats ebMS header as any other alternative, by using templates.
- option3: TFk upgrade "tolerates" previous ebMS-specific schema material
as a deprecated feature, advocating and providing new schema and template
like in option2, but allowing old features,so that curerntimpl are still
compatible (is that possible?). Then later it is easier to phase out the
deprecated material.
- Angela will check with DC if nothing to add to current list.
Also, DCertivo needs to say which option they favor above.

3. XML 2003 Dec 7: demos

- Jacques proposes that DCertivo and NCA/Korea send proposed  demo scenarios,
with just enough details to understand (1) which IIC material is demoed
(test framework? which part? test suites?), (2) demo architecture and which
ebXML product material is under test, and what part of it is tested, (3) other
material involved (e.g. OAG BODs) (4)business value demonstrated.
Several scenarios could be proposed, we'll have to pick a subset.
- We'll see how much integration we can still achieve with other participants
like eBES.
- Monica: NIST testbed should be leveraged if possible.

4. Other ebXML work:

- Asian ebXML community (ITG / ECOM) wants to follow-up with Global interop testing
 (for ebMS). Anyone interested in this let me know. That would require cooperation
between test operators from US / Asia / Europe.

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