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Subject: Re: [ebxml-iic]NCA ebRS v2.1 Test Requirements

Junghee Yun wrote:

> I'm Junghee Yun from NCA in Korea.
> Attached is the NCA Test requirements material for ebXML Registry
> Service v2.1.
> I hope this deliverable to be applied for the work of the conformance
> test suite for RR.
> Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

mm1: Since I had an internal brief, I was not able to join on Monday. We
find what you have done Junghee Yun, quite valuable.

I do have a few questions though on the functional requirements
associated with "Support.....". I believe we may need to either
decompose into what support means or developed derived functional
requirements to quantify what that support entails from a test perspective.

In addition, from a testing perspective, we may also wish to separate
the Implementation Conformance requirements - perhaps we can discuss
this grouping. Would we consider conformance levels (core, core+x,

Finally, on req_id_2, we may wish to break into two test assertions or
actually two req_id, to test each, then both of the concrete

I believe my questions centralizing on making the tests easier to
implement and more modular to allow development of test profiles
or level definition later.

Please let me know if these items were discussed in Monday's call 10/20.

Finally, were you able to contact Jasmine Jang about a test component
for the registry tests? Thanks.

> Regards,
> Junghee Yun
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