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Subject: [ebxml-iic] 10/27/2003: Summary and Abstract for Demo XML 2003

As we discussed today, here is abstract, keywords, summary, equipment requested.  If we can compile a list of technical resources 
required in addition to these listed below, we can coordinate with OASIS.

**Resources: cables and power cords, power strip, extension cords**

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Subject: 	[ebxml-iic] 10/16/2003: Summary and Abstract for Demonstration
Loaded for XML 2003
Date: 	Thu, 16 Oct 2003 16:28:34 -0600
From: 	Monica Martin <monica.martin@sun.com>
To: 	ebXML IIC - main list (E-mail) <ebxml-iic@lists.oasis-open.org>

I was asked by Dee Schur to provide the abstract we previously discussed
for the XML 2003 Poster Presentations.  See below the details.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.  This is
very much what we had before with a bit more on Registry.

Achieving Interoperability Using Test Frameworks

Key words: conformance,interoperability,test profile,ebXML
Registry/Repository,ebXML Messaging Service,test scenarios,test
cases,test framework,test automation

Short description: OASIS ebXML Implementation, Interoperability and
Conformance (IIC) developed the Test Framework v.1.0 for ebXML Messaging
Service (ebMS). Conformance and interoperability will be exercised in a
messaging and service discovery (registry) scenario.

Resources: cables and power cords, power strip, extension cords

Testing is instrumental for successful deployment of inter-enterprise
eBusiness standards. B2B testbeds are enabling instruments to:

 - Assure and assess quality of emerging standards
 - Promote standards adoption in the vendor products and by users
 - Validate conformance of the products to standards
 - Validate interoperability between the vendor products and their

To instill business confidence, the OASIS ebXML Implementation,
Interoperability and Conformance (IIC) developed the ebXML Test
Framework v.1.0.  In the first release, this framework defined a
conformance and interoperability test suite for ebXML Messaging Service
(ebMS). It continues its work to provide an adaptable test framework and
specifications for other ebXML and industry standards.

In this real-world test scenario, the ebXML IIC and interested test
groups will exercise key elements of the ebXML Test Framework including
conformance and interoperability for remote and local reporting modes,
using the Test Driver and Test Service components.  The ebXML IIC is
collaborating with test suite groups worldwide, from United States to
South Korea to Europe.

This real-world test scenario involves complementary tests, such as:

  * A supply chain where a buyer or supplier - a marketplace product,
process engine, or message handler service - must test an upgrade with
their solutions as well as with their customers. The enhancements will
then be integrated into production operations.

  * Providing access to services or objects via a Registry to support
the supply chain operations.

These incremental testing processes are new supply chain requirements to
ensure the product functions meet reliability goals and provide ready
access to discover services to support operations.

Such testing involves ebMS and Registry functions such as:

- Conformance: Messaging generation of a payload containers, resending
of  retries; Registry HTTP interface support for QueryManagement, creation
  of auditable events by the Registry Service

- Interoperability: Asynchronous request, signed acknowledgements, and
error handling

The ebXML IIC developed test specifications for a test framework and
procedures to automate conformance and interoperability testing.  The
test framework specifies distributed software components. This OASIS
technical committee (TC) is focused on test automation, computable
execution and verifiable results.

Two test groups will join ebXML IIC - NCA and Drake Certivo.  In 2002,
the Department of e-Business Research, Knowledge and Information
Technology Division of the National Computerization Agency (NCA)
completed the development of their conformance test requirements for
ebMS, Registry/Repository, and Collaboration Protocol Profile and
Agreement (CPP/A) as well as ebMS interoperability test requirements.
They are now enhancing their test bed to follow the ebXML IIC test
framework.  Drake Certivo will also demonstrate their test suite
functionality based on this test framework. Drake Certivo has also
conducted interoperability and compliance tests for RosettaNet.  Other
interoperability players will be encouraged to participate, including
eBusiness Standardization (eBES) vendor forum under CEN-ISSS.

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