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ebxml-iic message

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Subject: Updated Test Framework V1.1 available on OASIS IIC Document site

Title: call Monday July 26
Jacques and all,
   I uploaded a new version of the spec, reflecting changes suggested by Monica, as well as Jacques comments from last call.
Belos is a quick synopsis:

 Still to do:  Provide use cases for section #9 (Testing Scenarios and Sample Documents) - Added ebXML MS conformance/interop test material,

still need ebXML Registry and ebXML BPSS examples


Semantics – of workflow.. real use cases… Need to explain logic, pass/fail meaning , perhaps best put in section 7.1 (Test Case Execution and Test Case Results)




Added a description of what these tables mean – Expanded in section 4.2


Message declaration – what is it? - Expanded in #3.3.3 and



 Lines 1862 – 1868 -  junk text  – Fixed


Redefine pass/fail/undetermined for Test Case semantics   Expanded a bit more in section … still needs examples


Conformance Clause – I created a “matrix” of testing profiles.. Not sure what a “conformance clause” will look like, unless we agree to “levels” of standard Test Framework features  -  We may be better off with a Configuration “profile” that expresses what Test Framework features are necessary to run the test suite.  A Test Driver could then interpret the “profile” of  the Test Suite, and decide whether or not it supports those features.




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