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Subject: Re: [ebxml-iic] Latest Update to Test Framework posted to IIC Documents site

I am a new member of the IIC TC, but will be on
vacation this week and will miss the IIC call. I just
checked my e-mail and downloaded the IIC Test Framework
I am starting a larger enterprise test of ebXML, ebMS
and ebMail this month with the Linux Open Source
Development Lab. The final code will be rolled into
OSDL's Data Center and Carrier-Grade Linux OS in
mid-2005. I would like to use the IIC Test Framework, I
still need to understand if it has specific test cases
for larger data center environments. I would like to
discuss this with the group to ensure that the code is
fuly tested.

I would also like conduct integration testing with the
OSDL ebXML testbed and the others testbeds from NCA,
Drake and KorBIT.

OSDL ebMS Pilot Link:

Thanks in advance,

On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 11:00:42 -0400, "Michael Kass"

call Monday July 26

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DIV.Section1 {
	page: Section1

 I addressed your comments below, and have 
modified the document for the next release.

  ----- Original Message ----- 
  To: 'michael.kass@nist.gov' ;
  Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 4:14 
  Subject: RE: [ebxml-iic] Latest Update to 
  Test Framework posted to IIC Documents site
  Could not send these comments before (had 
  email problems):
  (will have more to send later)
  1.1. : totally inappropriate! (an import 
  from interop test suite spec 
  Would rather propose:  "This 
  document describes a test framework for automatically
running test suites for - but not limited to - ebXML 
  specifications. The framework includes an
architecture design based on components that can be 
  combined and distributed in different ways, 
  to accommodate different test harnesses. It also
includes an extensible 
  test scripting language for coding test suites in an
executable way. It can 
  accommodate third-party plug-ins, that would perform
advanced verifications for example on message 
  material (e.g. semantic verification 
  using rule engine), or that would help build testing
material (e.g. 
  digital signature)."
  [MIKE] - Changed 1.1 to your suggested 
  ---------- Section 2:
  In 2.1:
  - retitle as "Objectives", add two subsections 
  (2.1.1 "General", and new 2.1.2 "Usage Requirements",
to be insrted in Line 
  [MIKE] - Done
  - Need bullet lists. 
  - XMI-based --> XML-based
  - add "An objective in specifying this test
framework, is that test suites 
  future ebXML versions can be written that will run on
all implementations 
  of this framework."
  [MIKE] - Done
  ---------- Section 3:
  - section 3.1.1 should be structured as a bullet list.
  [MIKE] - Done
    -----Original Message-----From: Michael Kass 
    [mailto:michael.kass@nist.gov]Sent: Monday, August
09, 2004 9:12 
    AMTo: 'Jacques Durand'; 'ebXML IIC - main list
    (E-mail)'Subject: [ebxml-iic] Latest Update to Test
    posted to IIC Documents site
    Jacques and 
     I posted a revised spec, specifically working on
section 7.1 (abstract 
    representation of workflow using Threads).
    I used the 3 use 
    cases that we have been working on.  This section
gives a more concrete 
    meaning to “pass”, “fail” and “undetermined”
    using the 3 use 
    cases as examples.
    Modified spec is available at:

Patrick Hogan
CEO and President, Sino Technologies Corp.

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