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ebxml-iic message

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Subject: meeting this Wednesday?

Title: meeting this Wednesday?


can we schedule a meeting this week, possibly Wednesday 8th? (e.g. 2pm PT or after? or 9am PT?) (or Thursday?)
since we skipped Labor day and have some work to wrap-up.
Let me know your availability. That would be a work meeting (no vote).

minutes from last meeting (Aug 22) uploaded.


tentative Agenda for next meeting:

1. Test Framework 1.1 technical:
- use cases , BPSS relevance.
- Threads: abort semantics, return feature.
- Monica comments.
- levels of conformance, if any?
- any "binding" to consider? (optional, but normative)

2. ETSI follow-up:
- CD status for the test plan
- feedback on test suites: few bugs detected, updates needed.

3. Request from ebXML Asia for a n Interop test suite without:
- sync messaging (bus responses only?)
- empty messages.

4. Others:
- follow-up/update on Patrick Hogan / Linux plans.

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