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Subject: Re: [ebxml-iic] Section 7.1 of Test Framework revision.. using Jacques workflow approach (option B)

Title: call tomorrow Wed 8th, 3pm PT
Jacques and all,
  I updated section 7.1 (attached)with modifications reflecting Jacques suggested "abort" of <Thread>s based upon failed TestAssertion results,
and "abort" of the parent <Thread> if a subsequent <Join> cannot take place.
  I believe that this approach would satisfy the requirement of being able to exit on a failed <TestAssertion> if it is deemed that
the <Thread> containing it is critical to the continuation of Test Case script execution (determined by its presence in a subsequent
<Join> operation.   If that <Join> operation cannot take place because of the aborted <Thread>.. then the <Thread> containing the
<Join> is also aborted, and logic control reverts to ITS parent <Thread> .. and on .. and on... until the main <Thread> (i.e. the
<TestCase> itself) is reached.
  If script execution cannot proceed at the <TestCase> level (due to an unsatisfied <Join> condition), then the <TestCase> exits with
a final result of "fail".  So a failed <TestAssertion> may or may not be significant in the overall testing logic, depending upon whether
dependent <Join> conditions are satisfied.


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