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ebxml-iic message

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Subject: iic 2/20/2006: Comments on ebBP Profile Draft

Some comments and suggestions. Jacques, thanks for congealing our 
thoughts as we move through this process. I think we are at the point as 
well to discuss this more with ebBP team. Thanks.

   1. Suggestions
          * Rename any reference of "workflow" to "process." Most think
            of enterprises activities when you say workflow.
          * Replace the word 'compliance' or 'complying' with
            'conformance,' 'conforming,' or 'compatible.'
          * Section 4.4 - Other aspects: The other business or
            operational aspects may be more than agreements. Suggest you
            just title "Additional Aspects..."
          * Separate selection of options (profile) from business
            transaction pattern (template) by involved parties from
            customization. Customization would be when they actually add
            an additional response to a pattern, or a business signal
            where one is not allowed. In the first case, they are
            defining their profile of the pattern template for usage,
            while the latter involves creating a Data Exchange pattern
            based on or extended from one of the original (which is not
            always the case).
          * Distinguish between pre- and post-conditions and triggers.
                o Triggers: beginsWhen and endsWhen 'trigger' an
                  activity or its ending. For example, an invoice is
                  generated when an Advanced Ship Notice is sent.
                o Conditions (pre-or post): Different from triggers, a
                  condition only enables an activity to occur. For
                  example, a certification exam cannot be taken unless
                  an applicant has registered.
          * Originating party is actually like one of the exposed
            abstract partner roles we define in a Business
            Collaboration. That partner may assume many roles during the
            course of a business transaction.  When you look to the
            CPP/A, Dale could answer how this maps to Party Info (and
            Party) and, for the roles bounding the business process, to
            the CollaborationRole.
          * Differenctiate semantic variables on content or transaction
            (for use) from external document reference information (for
            assembly). This may aid the profile user.
          * Section 3.4.1: Account for multiple locations relative to
            logical business document.
          * Section 3.2.2: Ask about non-repudiation of receipt, and
            content and identity. These are separate responsibilities if
   3. General: Spell check. :>)

Thanks everyone.

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