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ebxml-iic message

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Subject: ebBP/IIC 3/10/2006: ebBP Draft Working Profile from IIC - Review

Here is the latest rendition of the ebBP draft working profile from 
ebXML IIC. Jacques has done a yeoman's job on helping to compile this 
document. This is a redlined version (forgiveness please).

Note what is included:

   1. Business transactions (activities and link to patterns) including
      some details on ComplexBTA
   2. Business signals
   3. Business documents
   4. Business collaboration

Note what is currently missing:

   1. Condition expressions (transitions, guards, success/failure states)
   2. More timing parameters

(public site: 

I'd really appreciate more feedback before I go any farther. Sacha and 
Stephen, can you please review given your experience with UBP, and Sally 
in view of the FAQ.  Jacques wishes to get this is a stable state to 
work towards a Committee Draft. We need to assist the IIC team in that 
endeavor. Thanks ahead of time for your comments and feedback.

[1] Thought I would save the inbox clutter with an attachment.

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