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Subject: Durand 3/15/2006: ebBP Draft Working Profile from IIC - Review Response

We began the discussion on the template on Tuesday. I'll have the notes 
posted in the next few days. I do not think we will have responses from 
ebBP team until 28 March 2006, which may not provide sufficient time to 
achieve a Committee Draft by the end of March 2006. The draft updates 
were posted Friday, 10 March 2006 and discussed in the TC 14 March 2006.

Could you attend the meeting 28 March 2006? Thanks.
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Here is the latest rendition of the ebBP draft working profile from 
ebXML IIC. Jacques has done a yeoman's job on helping to compile this 
document. This is a redlined version (forgiveness please).

Note what is included:

   1. Business transactions (activities and link to patterns) including
      some details on ComplexBTA
   2. Business signals
   3. Business documents
   4. Business collaboration

Note what is currently missing:

   1. Condition expressions (transitions, guards, success/failure states)
   2. More timing parameters

(public site: 

I'd really appreciate more feedback before I go any farther. Sacha and 
Stephen, can you please review given your experience with UBP, and Sally 
in view of the FAQ.  Jacques wishes to get this is a stable state to 
work towards a Committee Draft. We need to assist the IIC team in that 
endeavor. Thanks ahead of time for your comments and feedback.

[1] Thought I would save the inbox clutter with an attachment.

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