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ebxml-iic message

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Subject: deployment templates package



Here is the latest of the intro doc for deployment templates, as we approved it.

- I removed the table of content (not useful for such a short doc I thought…)


Note before creating a package:


- I noticed that the ebCPPA depl template doc (V0.8) still looks like a working draft: does not have the “Committee Draft” qualifier under its title. Also its status  section in the front page still presents it as  submitted for approval as CD. I suggest we align with what the ebBP template front page says.

- the ebMS depl template doc also needs its status section to be updated (it still has: “This document is submitted for approval as a committee draft specification.”)  although it has “Committee Draft” qualifier under its title.

- should we give them all a V1.1 version number (or at least 1.x ?)


- should we produce pdf docs?






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