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Subject: [ebxml-jc] JC Meeting Notes - Thursday December 20, 2001

	Dale Moberg, CPPA 
	Jeff Eck, IIC 
	Collean Evans, Messaging 
	Ian Jones, Messaging 
	Brian Hayes, CPPA 
	Nikola Stojanovic, Registry 
	Catherine Breininger, Registry 
	Karl Best, OASIS 
Original agenda at:
*	Next December Meeting 
*	Rotating Chair 
*	Patent and IPR Issues 
*	Architecture Committee 
*	Handling Not Yet Approved Standards 
*	Joint TC Approval and Joint Issuing of Specifications 
*	February Conferences 
Next December Meeting 
Consensus: No second meeting in December. 
Rotating the Chair 
Consensus: JC Chair be shifted quarterly. 
There are two meetings per month. 
Patent and IPR Issues 
The OASIS Board has put on their agenda to look at the OASIS IP policy and
the board is gathering comments. Send comments to Karl Best.
IAN: We need boiler plate for OASIS copyright. Karl: see IPR. OASIS is
claiming copyright on all work out of OASIS.
What are the SOAP IPR issues relative to SOAP's use in the Messaging spec.
Are we still covered by ebXML (UN/CEFACT/OASIS) agreements? Are their
patent/IPR issues associated with SOAP from companies like IBM, IONA, etc.?
One issue is that any prior art needs to be identified. Karl will check
whether we are still covered by ebXML agreements. 
ebXML Non-voting Technical Representative Role Available 
Responsibilities: phone calls every couple of weeks, some face-to-face
meetings, needs to be familiar with all ebXML technical groups for talking
with UN/CEFACT. Deadline for nominee: next few weeks.
Some voiced recommendations: Nikola Stojanovic, Brian Hayes, Christofer
Ferris, Karsten Riemer, Mark Crawford, Arvola Chan, Suresh Damodaran, Marty
Architecture Committee 
UN/CEFACT (eBTWG) has already established an ebXML Architecture team. We
need to establish an ebXML Architecture team in OASIS. ...discussed having a
technical architecture team (providing architecture leadership) vs. having
the JC team provide administration/coordination... ...what happens when we
grow from 20 TCs to 40+?... the OASIS Board wants the TC creation process to
stay open... perhaps we need a technical coordination committee or expand
this JC committee to be more technical... architectural gaps can be
addressed by creating new TCs...
Where we are currently at: Once we have sufficiently refined the scope and
approach of the architectural review panel we well add that responsibility
to this JC.
This issue will be taken up at the next JC Meeting , 3 PM Eastern, January
10, 2002. 
Handling Not Yet Approved Standards 
Postponed to next meeting. 
Joint TC Approval and Joint Issuing of Specifications 
What do we do when information in a specification straddles the
responsibilities/domain of more than one TC? Can their be a jointly issued
specification? How would this work? 
Karl: there is no OASIS provisions for joint specifications; he does not see
a problem if multiple TC names are on the specification.
...we will proceed in a formal way so that the multiple groups have an
opportunity to provide input or comment on the group and a single group will
sponsor the specification. The sponsoring group will accept requirements
from the other groups. The JC becomes the conduit to record requests and
responses to these "joint" specifications. This will provide
This issue will be taken up at the next JC Meeting. 
Next Chair 
By unanimous consent, Ian will chair starting in 2002. 
Next Meeting 
Thursday, January 10th, 3:00PM EST. 
Call to be set up by Collean 
Agenda Items 
*	Refine the scope and approach of the architectural review panel 
*	Refine approach for Joint TC Approval and Joint Issuing of
*	Handling Not Yet Approved Standards 
*	EDIFICE request for presentations on ebXML for their meeting in
Dublin in February

Brian Hayes
Commerce One Labs,  +1 (925) 520-4498

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