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Subject: [ebxml-jc] Some new issues.

I would like to add new issues to the
working agenda:

1. The current TC approval process for
specifications is extremely brittle with
respect to the smallest editorial corrections.
Even the slightest change-- adding a comma--
apparently requires a new version, a
new vote, a new request to Oasis for
re-submission, and a 3 month delay.
Might there not be an incremental
amendment process for errata in 
specifications that avoids the
incredible overhead and delay of the
current process? Even a process to
issue an errata sheet that did not
overturn the existing votes would
be better than what we have, IMO.

2. Oasis needs to identify how to
register and maintain the enumerated
constants, with pivotal fixed semantic
values, that occur in its specifications.
OSI/ISO/ITU had its OID system. Apparently
Oasis has a URN system. That is fine, but
the process whereby specifications can
make use of this URN system is unclear.
While this seems a small clerical matter,
and it is, these little details can be crucial
for actually having specifications that can
be used interoperably. It is especially
pivotal because it is a focal point for
the growing tension between extensibility and interoperability
and currently has no method for resolution or release.
We need a standards body acupuncture treatment
in the next few weeks IMO.

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