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Subject: [ebxml-jc] Notes from Mar 14 JC call

Here are the minutes from today's call.

Best regards,
Title: OASIS ebXML JC meeting

OASIS ebXML JC Conference Call

March 14, 2002



Kathryn Breininger

Jacques Durand

Colleen Evans

Ian Jones

Brian Hayes

Dale Moberg



Karl Best

Nikola Stojanovic


1.      New chair.  Kathryn volunteered, was nominated, seconded, and unanimously elected for the next quarterly term.  Thank you Kathryn.  Brian volunteered for the following quarter, once his sabbatical is over.

2.      Jacques is the new chair and JC representative from IIC, replacing Philippe.

3.      Standardization process. 

·        Cannot have errata with current release process.  Messaging TC has made a proposal that it is testing for its specification review cycle.

i.                    The Messaging TC put an errata placeholder in spec pointing to a fixed location.  The location can contain any changes that need to be made.  If there are none, there will not be anything listed at the site.  Allows approval of the specification, but leaves a constitutional ‘hole’ to apply changes when required. 

ii.                   If this works for Messaging TC, it could be taken to the Board as a maintainability function for specifications to avoid massive reissues.

iii.                 Not intended to support new functionality, but editorial ‘fixes’

·        How to handle new errata (versioning, etc.)?

·        Different types of errata possible, for example editorial fixes and usage guide (non-normative)

·        Category of information might fall into companion addendums or documents like implementation guidelines, which shouldn’t be classified as errata.  We need to specify which types of information we are discussing and apply this process only to certain types.  Pointers from errata site could have pointers to other types of supporting information such as implementation guidelines.

4.      Other outstanding issues.

·        Barcelona meeting 

i.                    Karl sent out a call for papers Feb 28.  Dale and Brian are planning on attending, and Dale has put a ‘placeholder’ in for CPP/A.  IIC is discussing what they might do.

ii.                   Joint architecture meeting with ebTWG and who will represent OASIS ebXML TCs?  Several questions relating this meeting that we need to talk with Karl about.    Who being represented at these joint meetings:  OASIS, the individual TCs, or ebXML within OASIS?  With what authority are the representatives speaking, who are they representing, and what can they commit or agree to?  Requires a background knowledge on what this team is all about – descriptive or prescriptive architecture definition? 

·        Other items that we talked with Karl about at the previous JC call were deferred until the next call to get status from Karl.

·        Charter of this group.  Is it the OASIS ebXML Joint Coordinating Committee, or the Joint Committee for coordinating within OASIS?

i.                    That has never been resolved.  Should be used for whatever we need to coordinate within OASIS.  Whether it should have the role as well to coordinate across to UN/CEFACT has not been resolved.

5.      Next call. 

·        Kathryn will check with Karl on his availability is before setting up the call.

·        Target early April (April 11), to give us more time to talk about the Barcelona meeting.

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