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Subject: RE: [ebxml-jc] Notes from Mar 14 JC call


It appears from the minutes that there's a few questions I should answer
:-) Sorry for the delay in responding; I've had a hectic travel schedule

> 3. Standardization process.
> ii. If this works for Messaging TC, it could be taken to the
> Board as a maintainability function for specifications to avoid
> massive reissues.

I'm happy to see you discussing this issue. So far none of this is
specified by the official Process, so your conclusions can't be
considered normative policy, but I would be happy to hear suggestions
for how the Process could be changed to make things easier.

> 4. Other outstanding issues.
> · Barcelona meeting
> i. Karl sent out a call for papers Feb 28.  Dale and Brian are
> planning on attending, and Dale has put a ‘placeholder’ in for
> CPP/A.  IIC is discussing what they might do.

We're looking specifically for presentations about vertical
implementations, business case, etc. that would encourage adoption of
the ebXML specs. While we will devote some time at the beginning of the
program to an overview of the specs (probably the overall architecture)
we won't have time to discuss the individual pieces in any detail.

> ii. Joint architecture meeting with ebTWG and who will represent
> OASIS ebXML TCs?  Several questions relating this meeting that
> we need to talk with Karl about.    Who being represented at
> these joint meetings:  OASIS, the individual TCs, or ebXML
> within OASIS?  With what authority are the representatives
> speaking, who are they representing, and what can they commit or
> agree to?  Requires a background knowledge on what this team is
> all about – descriptive or prescriptive architecture definition?

We haven't organized the joint architecture team yet. I don't know if we
will have official long-standing members or if it is just whoever shows
up from each of the committees. But we need to have representatives from
each of the committees so that we can discuss how the pieces fit
together. Pre-Vienna there was a lot of collaboration between the teams
because we all met toegther every quarter; I think that we've fallen a
bit in this regard since then.

So, just as you are all coordinating within OASIS in this JC we also
need to coordinate with the CEFACT committees to ensure that our specs
work together, that we're all heading in the same direction, etc. I
don't think that the joint architecture committee should have authority
to impose a direction on any particular committee, but the people
participating in the joint architecture should come to some sort of
consensus on directions etc. then bring those decisions back to the TC
for the TC to work on. Of course the TC itself may decide to do
something else, but I hope that they would all agree to cooperate for
the greater good.

So each TC should have representatives at the meeting who can speak for
the TC, know the issues and the technical aspects of the spec, and who
are regarded highy enough in the TC so that the other TC members can
trust what the reps come back with.

> · Charter of this group.  Is it the OASIS ebXML Joint
> Coordinating Committee, or the Joint Committee for coordinating
> within OASIS?
> i. That has never been resolved.  Should be used for whatever we
> need to coordinate within OASIS.  Whether it should have the
> role as well to coordinate across to UN/CEFACT has not been
> resolved.

This JC group is to coordinate among the OASIS ebXML TCs; the Joint
Coordinating Coommittee (JCC) is the management from OASIS and CEFACT
meeting together. Representatives from this JC group would be our half
of the joint architecture team that meets with peers from the CEFACT
teams. As we haven't constituted this joint architecture team yet we
don't know exactly who it is composed of (see above) or the process used
to run it; those are probably discussions for when we meet with the
CEFACT side in Barcelona.

Karl F. Best
OASIS - Director, Technical Operations
+1 978.667.5115 x206
karl.best@oasis-open.org  http://www.oasis-open.org

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