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Subject: [ebxml-jc] FW: eBTWG Release "Electronic Business Architecture"TechnicalSpecification for Working Group Review

Title: eBTWG Release "Electronic Business Architecture" Technical Specification for Working Group Review

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From: Klaus-Dieter Naujok [mailto:knaujok@attglobal.net]
Sent: Monday, June 24, 2002 12:33 PM
To: eBTWG List; ebtwg-stc-help@lists.ebtwg.org; TMWG List
Subject: eBTWG Release "Electronic Business Architecture" TechnicalSpecification for Working Group Review

eBTWG Release “Electronic Business Architecture”  Technical Specification for Working Group Review

Geneva, Switzerland, 24 June 2002 - UN/CEFACT’s Electronic Business Transition ad-hoc Working Group (eBTWG) is announcing the release of its “eBTWG – Electronic Business Architecture – Revision 0.50” for Working Group Review under its Open Development Process

Under this process all eBTWG members have the opportunity to review, comment on, and contribute to Technical Specifications.
This initial review serves to identify potential problems, point out areas for improvement, and build consensus among the working group members. This internal review period ends 21 July 2002. Please submit your comments to Klaus-Dieter Naujok <e-mail: knaujok@attglobal.net> (eBTWG Chair).

In order to assist in the review and commenting, the Technical Specification has each line start with a unique line number to allow placements of comments against them. For each comment, reviewers shall provide the specification's line number range, the comment itself, the rational for the comment, and suggestion for change.

After the end of the review period the project team will review all the comments, criticisms, and suggestions from the membership, and further refine and improve the specification. As changes are made, the updated document and disposition log will be republished. This will allow everyone to not only see the changes, but also the rational behind them and reasons for suggestions that were not accepted. Experience has shown that 2or 3 iterations are enough to address the public comments and to build consensus for the final version of the specification.

Duane Nickull, eBusiness Architecture Project Team Lead
Klaus-Dieter Naujok, eBTWG Chair


The document is available from the eBTWG Web Site (www.ebtwg.org) sometime today or tomorrow. For those that can not wait you can also get it from my own Web Site (www.klaus.naujok.name OR http://homepage.mac.com/knaujok)

Klaus-Dieter Naujok                UN/CEFACT/eBTWG & TMWG Chair
http://www.klaus.naujok.name OR http://homepage.mac.com/knaujok

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we
used when we created them."                  - Albert Einstein

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