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Subject: [ebxml-jc] Availability for meeting


At the recent kick off of the Oasis WS-Security TC, the offer
was made to consider ebXML TC's input to that group's efforts.
This input could be requirements, issues, etc.

I will attempt to set up a meeting with the chairs of
the WS-Security TC and perhaps anyone in the Oasis security JC
that is interested (if we think it would be useful).

One overlap is that ebXML Messaging does have a specific
way of doing signatures that ws security has not followed
in several details. I am not certain if that fact poses a problem,
but the more styles and mechanisms of signatures that are
used for b2b, the greater the burden for developers and
product managers.

Should we meet with WS Security to identify any possible
issues or requirements?

If so, please send me your availability on Wednesdays for the
next 2 weeks if you know them.

Dale Moberg
Current quarter JC chair 
(Warning: ending in October! Need volunteer...)

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