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Subject: [ebxml-jc] draft text for TAB requests

Okay - here's some draft text as a starting point for the request we
discussed on today's call.  Karl - I believe the intent is to forward the
final product to you, so you may have some editorial input ;-)


The OASIS ebXML Joint Committee would like to submit the following requests
to the OASIS Technical Architecture Board.

(1) We feel there is a need for an OASIS-wide way to implement shema
versioning and documentation across OASIS approved schemas.

(2) We also feel there is a need for a common way to represent
compatibility links to other specs.  While the ebXML Joint Technical
Liaison Team  is developing an ebXML standards compatibility matrix, a more
formal way to code a compatibility matrix is required across OASIS, ideally
a model that could be processed by a tool and well understood across

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