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Subject: [ebxml-jc] do we need a call this week?

We tentatively scheduled a call for Feb 12 at 8:00 PT.
Do we need a call this week - any agenda items?
Minutes from our last call are attached for reference.

ebXML JC Conference Call
December 4, 2002

Dale Moberg, Cyclone Commerce
Jacques Durand, Fujitsu
Ian Jones, BT
Kathryn Breininger, Boeing
Colleen Evans, Sonic Software (scribe)

1. Election of new JC chair.  Discussion about whether it should be restricted to TC chairs.  Colleen volunteered and will chair Jan-Mar.  Jacques will take the next term (Apr-Jun).
2. Rechartering
* CPP/A.  Charter officially ends effective December.  They will continue operation if everything isn't resolved this month.  Re-examine the question of chartering and continuing beyond December.  Have other groups built this discussion of rechartering and scope into their charter?
* Messaging hasn't to this point.  Gave themselves something a little more open ended.  Identified disjoint about role across the specs (MSH has a role element, CPP/A has a compound element).  
* Registry.  TC has discussed but don't believe they have a deadline.
* IIC.  Nothing limiting the duration.  Will be in business as long as there are specifications to test.
* Dale - wondering directions on new initiatives and kinds of things the TCs do, especially in light of other activities in the Web services area.  Do we need to take a look at the charters and adjust accordingly  (alignment between specs, etc.).  
* Are any interop tests for CPP/A being developed?  Jacques will check with Hima.  This month plan to submit messaging test suite, which is what IIC has been focusing on.  Beginning next year they will have more time to tackle the other specifications.
3. Cross TC issues:
* Messaging TC have identified disjoint about role across the specs (MS has a role element, CPP/A has a compound element).  
* Messaging TC planning to issue an errata document; potential issue of multiple acks for single message restriction.  Possible effect on IIC.  
* Jacques - make sure we have a versioning scheme that works to reduce impact. 
* Dale - the ebXML Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) between UN/CEFACT and OASIS had taken on that responsibility to maintain matrix of compatibility of versions.  No JC members have seen the matrix.
* Jacques - It would be good to see a common way established to represent compatibility links.  Should be addressed at OASIS level.
* Ian - we never have figured out how versioning will work across all the specs, an OASIS recommendation of how to version schemas.  We know what versions work with what, but how to identify the versions of something.
* Dale - each group has taken its own path; no official policy.  Do we need to have alignment across groups, or just let the JCC know about the different versioning schemes?
* Ian - the latter.
* Dale - the technical architecture group across ebXML may be the appropriate group to pose this question to.  Is there an interest in us doing that?
* Kathryn - reasonable to ask the question
4. CAM TC.  No information so deferred until next call.
5. Future JC calls.  Schedule. Prior to each call ping the group to see if a call is necessary.  
* Decided to keep the time we've been using - 8:00 PT
* Next calls scheduled:  Jan 15, Feb 12, Mar 12
* Prior to each call the chair will ping the group to see if a call is necessary.  
6. Ian - all groups have to adopt a resolution to allow email voting - perhaps this group should do that to facilitate progress via email
* Ian - proposed to accept email votes on resolutions on binding if a quorum of members vote.
* Kathryn seconds
* No opposed.  The motion passed.

Action Items
1. Colleen - draft submission for JC to review by 12/6.  Submission to Karl / OASIS TAB requesting an official way to implement versioning and documentation of schemas across OASIS approved schemas.  Also how to represent compatibility links to other specs.  A more formal way to code a compatibility matrix, perhaps something that could possibly be processed by a tool and well understood across specifications. 
2. Colleen - update JC home page (webmaster.org [Sharon]).  
3. Chairs - send Colleen a JC membership update for #2 AI.

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