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ebxml-jc message

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Subject: agenda and details for today's call

Apologies this is so late - talk with you all shortly.
Call details:
8:00 PDT / 11 EDT
US:  888-248-7419
International:  334-323-4408
pc 143861


* UN/CEFACT and OASIS ebXML compatibility and alignment issues (Dale)
* Review proposed text on OASIS schema versioning and documentation
for TAB (carry over from our Dec meeting).  Proposal is below [1],
which includes feedback from Jacque.
* Chair  transition
* Next calls?

[1] Proposed submission on schemas to TAB:

1)We feel there is a need for an OASIS-wide way to implement shema
versioning and documentation across OASIS approved schemas.
More generally, specifications should include a formal representation
of their version number, e.g. using a common XML document format.
All this would make it easier to obtain, query, and process the
version number
of an implementation.

(2) We also feel there is a need for a common way to represent
compatibility links to other specs.  While the ebXML Joint Technical
Liaison Team  is developing an ebXML standards compatibility matrix, a
formal way to code a compatibility matrix (for integration as well as
is required across OASIS, ideally a model that could be processed by a
and well understood across specifications.

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