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ebxml-jc message

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Subject: Minutes 16 Apr ebXML JC call

Attached are the minutes from today's call.  Please note that everyone
has an action to review the draft text Dale will be sending out in a
timely manner (goal is to turn it around within a week).

Next call tentatively scheduled for May 11 at 8 PT / 11 ET.

Minutes - ebXML JC call
16 April 2003

Kathryn Breininger, Boeing
Jeffery Eck, Global Exchange Services
Colleen Evans, Sonic (acting Chair)
Ian Jones, Individual
Dale Moberg, Cyclone Commerce

* UN/CEFACT and OASIS ebXML compatibility and alignment issues 

Dale:  Historical context.  Brian Hayes recently resigned from BPSS.  While he was there the group committed that the values and things used in messaging could be traced through CPA to terms and structures in BPSS  - terminology alignment to ensure interoperability between specs (and facilitating use of XPath, HREF etc.).  Once Brian left, that direction has changed.  The group has a new agenda of fixes for BPSS and essentially the 1.05 schema is not something they care about - proposing rather wholesale changes for UMM alignment rather than runtime configuration information agenda.  XML transcription of a UML model - what is the importance of this vis a vis requirements for runtime software?  We need to pick out the things that are critical in the exchange and get cental focus on them from an interop perspective.  Process or procedure whereby we can protest (from OASIS) a disruption of the working principle that the groups should pay attention to one another.  Danger of not fulfilling the idea of ebXML as a suite of interoperable, inter-usable, value adding specs. This impacts all of us (CPP most, messaging, then interop in order of magnitude).  Advocate as a principal that the specs should work together.   JC united submission to JCC? 
Colleen:  Any role for OASIS TAB?
Dale:  Possibly.  Multiparty collaboration not workable in 1.05 - answer not to throw out what's there and working (binary collaboration) - but add what is missing.  Breakage will come from throwing stuff out.
Ian:  Declaring a vested interest - some proposals would cause his company a great deal of aggravation - put a lot of effort into 1.05.  Would support, but would be very careful regarding what is said on behalf of messaging TC.    Messaging impacted only in how drill up through CPA to BPSS.  
Dale:  If you wish to have messaging integrate with CPA and BPSS there is impact.
Ian:  Concerned BPSS not living to the spirit of the agreement
Dale:  Alignment goal has been jettisoned and should be brought back into focus.
Kathryn:  Doesn't have a large impact on Registry at this point, but underlying principle of all of this working together is an issue.
Dale:  That's the only issue he'd like to have this group push up to the JCC.  An affirmation that we understand that the groups should work as a family of specs and it's important to consider dependencies between specs.
Colleen:  Could Dale draft a submission for this group could review and provide input to with the intent to submit to JCC?
Ian:  I would support that.
Kathryn:  I would support it.
Jeff:  Sounds like the right direction.
Colleen:  I support it too.  We should try to turn it around in email within a week - seems like a time sensitive issue

* Review proposed text on OASIS schema versioning and documentation
for TAB (carry over from our Dec meeting).  Proposal was included in the agenda, and feedback from Jacques and Kathryn.
Ian:  second point- hinting towards what we've spent the last 30 minutes discussing.
Group: Okay to send out 

* Chair transition
Colleen:  In our December call we laid out the schedule that I would chair Jan - Mar.  Jacques volunteered for Apr - June.  Since Jacques isn't on the call, I'll touch base with him and see if he is still able to commit to this.  Jeff is next on list, will take July - Sept unless Jacque can't take the next shift, in which case we can reverse the order.

* Next calls
This schedule seems to work for everyone so we'll continue with tentative monthly calls.  The Chair will ping the group the week prior to gauge if a call is necessary.

Call Schedule.  Second Wednesday of each month at 8:00 PT: 
May 14
Jun 11
Jul 9

 Action items:
- Dale: Draft statement from JC for submission to the JCC, expressing concern regarding the current BPSS direction and seeming disregard for the spirit of interoperability between the specs etc.  Dale will distribute to the JC list for review and input within a day or two.  
- Group:  Provide feedback to Dale's draft to the list ASAP
- Colleen:  submit schema versioning and documentation request to Karl to go to TAB 
- Colleen:  Contact Jacques regarding chair transition for April - June.   

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