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Subject: RE: [ebxml-jc] Minutes July 9 JC teleconference

Kathryn and Jacques,

Do we have enough information from UDDI to proceed?

It seems to me that we do.

Can we meet again Wednesday 9AM PDT to resolve the JC response to UDDI?

Jeff, do you have time to organize this or should I?


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From: Dale Moberg 
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2003 10:08 AM
To: ebxml-jc@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [ebxml-jc] Minutes July 9 JC teleconference
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Kathryn B
Ian J
Karl B
Jacques D
Dale M

We discussed the request for URIs and Keys for use by UDDI. We
hypothesized that these pertain to tModel needs. All of us agreed that
we need to know more about how UDDI sought to make use of this
information so that we gave them the right stuff. Kathryn took an action
item to ask for clarification from UDDI about what identifiers were
needed and how they would be used. Jacques agreed to assist Kathryn on
UDDI specifics. We will meet again when Kathryn gets back a response
from UDDI.

Dale reported on the BPSS alignment issues, and maintained that it would
be good for the JCC to take up elaborating how the operational formula
"highly aligned but loosely coupled" should apply to compatibility
threatening decisions for future releases of core ebXML specifications.

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