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ebxml-jc message

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Subject: Minutes July 16


Jamie C
Kathryn B
Jacques D
Dale M

The JC meeting reviewed the UDDI questions about use of identifiers in
tModels for ebXML.

Specific issues arose concerning identifiers involving ebxml.org, for
example in


While OASIS maintains the page on the above overview url, it is not kept
updated with the latest OASIS (or even UN/CEFACT) products.

Also the site is, at this point, secondary to the OASIS sites and other

So we think we need to consult with the JCC to see whether an adequate
update policy could be adopted _or_ produce a new summary page for at
least the OASIS side of the groups. Also, there was some discussion that
we should work with OASIS on their new definitive naming rules for specs
and conform with these. These rules are still in process.

Dale took an action item to notify Luc of UDDI that our decision could
not be made today. We will initiate inquiries to find out about new
pages for the overview URL and policy clarifications surrounding naming
conventions within OASIS. It may be necessary to also involve the
UN/CEFACT side of specifications for what they wish to do.

We did not take up the other agenda item for JCC to set policy on
"highly aligned but loosely coupled"

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