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Subject: Re: [ebxml-jc] RE: UDDI tmodel naming problems.

    Hello all.  After the last ebxml-jc meeting, I confirmed back with the UDDI chairs that the URI reference can be a human-readable source, not necessarily a completely computable one.  (I also told them I suspected we could collectively resolve this and supply definitive references within a week or two.  That seemed good enough for them.)   
    I think that leaves us with two concerns:
       (1) Where is a reliable persistent reference for the current version of each ebxml spec?
       (2) If we have a choice, should it be one place for all specs, or one URL *per* spec?
    On the second question:  both the original ebXML requirement documents, and actual recent practice, suggests that users will adopt the specs in a modular fashion.  This seems to pull in favor of a concatenation of separate references (RegRep+CPPA+etc.).   Do you agree?
    On the first one:  As a few of us discussed last week, we *do* know that the OASIS TC home page and doc repository for each TC *will* always have the current specs.  We *aren't* sure about the persistence of ebxml.org, especially going forward.  I will raise that latter issue with the ebXML JCC, as it seems worth pursuing, but I agree that the safer option for normative references in the UDDI content is the OASIS site URI.  I'll defer to Karl about the exact structure of that URI, because he has been working on stabilizing that recently.   (It may simply be "www.oasis-open.org/committees/ebxml-cppa" and etc.)

    Regards  Jamie

At 01:22 PM 7/24/2003, Breininger, Kathryn R wrote:
I think we need to decide whether we need an overview URL, or if we can just use the sources each TC has for their specs.  You have identified the very problems with developing an overview page.  How and who will keep it in synch with the current specs from each TC.  From earlier communications, it looked like pointing to the source for each in OASIS would be okay with UDDI TC.

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Subject: UDDI tmodel naming problems.


Karl B. says we should take into account the OASIS suggestions to TCs about names because the proposal will probably be approved eventually.

I have not yet read those rules carefully, but we should probably have the JC meet again on it after everyone has had time to review the TC guidance on names document.

Also, for the overview URL, does anyone have any ideas how to proceed?
I have no new info on how to keep the ebxml.org page current or volunteers to assemble a new page,  pointing to the old page but containing updates needed. We need to have a page. Should we make one under the ebxml-jc page? (Do we have a home page...)


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