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Subject: RE: [ebxml-jc] submit to ISO?

In CPPA we do plan 2 more work items, beyond the PartyId document which
should be a committee draft until rollup in an appendix.

1. Negotiation specification (draft nearly ready).
2. Extensibility schema with support for WSDL and EDIINT (for Message
level aspects) and for BPEL WS-Chor BPML etc at business process level.

Finally, there could be a 2.1 cleanup document but I have not discussed
that with the TC members.

After these items I think that we would be done, except for maintenance.
The only other unfinished item is how to handle the configuration
parameters possibly needed for coordination/transaction functionality,
and they may get handled as an aspect of business process extensibility.
But I have not polled the TC officially on that assessment.

Waiting a few months more for ISO would not be a problem, but I am
uncertain on just when we have targeted a 2.1 cleanup version. I will
take this up with the TC members at our next meeting.

Dale Moberg
for ebXML CPPA 

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Subject: Re: [ebxml-jc] submit to ISO?
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ebXML chairs:

I hear from Kathryn that the Registry TC would prefer to submit v2.1 to 
ISO instead of v2.0, and will work to get v2.1 approved as an OASIS 
Standard soon. As I'd prefer to submit all of the specs together, this 
means that we would need to wait just a little while to submit the 
package to ISO, which would give us a chance to update the other specs

Ian, Dale: Would your TCs want to (and be able to) finish up any spec 
revisions, incorporate errata, etc. and get them to CD then OS in the 
next couple of months?


Karl F. Best
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