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Subject: Re: [ebxml-jc] Proposed discussion items at next meeting,whenever scheduled (2004?)

Dale Moberg wrote:

>I have two items for discussion at the next JC.
>1. Would it be useful to attempt to coordinate an ebXML 2004 TC
>conference where all TCs meet during (portions of) one week? 
>Because there are potentially areas of overlap in interests (Messaging
>and CPPA, CPPA and BPSS, IIC and everyone,  Registry and CPPA,BPSS)
>meetings would need to be scheduled to overlap to some degree for joint
>But because several participants are in multiple groups, the schedules
>would also need to be staggered for other time intervals. Also groups
>need to have dedicated time to work on their own distinctive problems.
>Would the resulting schedule be too difficult to create given all the
mm1: Yes, good idea for the spring.

>2. An OASIS TC, WS-CAF, met in Waltham MA last week. WS-CAF ambitiously
>plans to develop both Coordination and ( a family of) Transaction
>protocols, as well as a lower level "Context" service/SOAP-header-block.
>ebBP (BPSS) may wish to consider coordination with this group, and ebXML
>Messaging may wish to consider coordination with this group for its 3.x
>major release (when SOAP 1.2 and SOAP 1.2 based web services will
>probably be allowed as a simple case of ebXML Messaging). Some areas of
>interaction/integration: BPSS signal approach being extended to allow
>message traffic devoted to coordination and/or the (3 and counting)
>variants of Transaction. This assumes that ebBP is compatible with web
>services (specifically, WSDL (2.0)specified SOAP interchanges). We may
>wish to invite one or more of the chairs to discuss integration points
>at some point. This could be done at JC level or at TC level, however.
>The Context service has functionality similar to the "ConversationID"
>functionality found in ebXML Messaging 2.0.
mm1: This is a good idea and not unforeseen. This has already been 
broached as an idea. We should bring up liaisons in the ebBP not 15 
December but the other meeting before the end of the year.

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