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Subject: Notes from our last telecon - January 7, 2004

Here are the notes from our last telecon:

Present: Kathryn, Dale, Ian, Jacques, Jamie, Monica

1. WS-CAF (Collaborative Activation Framework): Discussion - This may
have relevance with BPSS, and it may be worth looking at a liaison.
Chairs agreed to bring this up at the appropriate TC meetings,
specifically BPSS, Messaging and CPA.  The Registry may be interested as
a run time application.

2. ebXML architecture and coordination: Discussion - there is a proposal
currently in process for an ebXML Architecture and Coordination TC.  An
announcement should be coming out in the near term.

3. ebXML best practices: It was determined that we need an overview of
each of the ebXML TC's work.  The brochure recently released by the
Registry TC was held up as an example the other TCs may want to follow.
The ebXML JC suggested that OASIS provide a website for presenting a
coordinated overview of ebXML.  Jamie will come back to us with a
marketing response for this.  Jacques suggested additional input for
best practices may include a check list of optional features a user will
need to decide upon. May want to have an implementer version as well as
a user version of best practices.

4. Web services: Discussion - It was proposed that there be some FAQ
level information on web services that could also be posted to the
overview website.

5. Interest in joint ebXML TC meeting: The Chairs will go back to their
TCs to get a feel for how many members may be interested in/able to
attend joint ebXML TC meeting.  We should work on some agenda items for
joint meetings.

6. Versioning and compatibility matrix (Jacques) - postponed until next

Next meeting: I would like to have the next telecon on January 28th at
9:00 am PT.  Please let me if this works for the rest of you.

OASIS ebXML Registry TC Chair

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