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Subject: minutes last call

Title: minutes last call

Minutes last call ...  (same call info will be used tomorrow)
(did I get the attendees right?)



Time: Wed, April 7, 9am PT
Host: Fujitsu
Toll only : 1-512-225-3050
Participant code: 465992#

1- Marketing ebXML: follow-up.
- What specific promotional activities we can take on
with companies resources today (see last minutes)
- ebXML member section? status.

2- ebXML TC Coordination / Architecture strategy:
- role of ebSOA here (descriptive vs prescriptive architecture?)
- who does what (ebSOA, JC, IIC, Marketing)

3- Versioning and compatibility matrix
- update
- should we delegate at some point to ebSOA?
4- OASIS symposium update


1- Marketing ebXML: update

- One of the issues we have: there is no official public place (Web site) to do
marketing initiatives for ebXML. (there are private sites today for ebXML.)
- A priority will be to draft a charter for a Marketing TC. Then need to create a
structure for the activity.
- a member section is intended to be user -driven (e.g. GM would join
an ebXML member section). It would get users such as AIAG, STAR, OAG.
- Jamie gave an overview of other member sections:
. LegalXML (large collection of small players, JC + member section for coordination
of operations.) Use resources for scholarship.
. PKI: members from industry (vs. IT vendors). Do user surveys.
. UDDI: major IT vendors.
- We'll see at New Orleans for the member section option.

2- ebXML TC Coordination / Architecture strategy

- Discussed future structure for supporting ebXML: once 3.0 is out, might be one residual TC to take care
of maintenance issues.
- ebXML technology will probably mutate after this - e.g. be embedded / profiled in some way.
- ebSOA: will capture requirements from a broader community, not sure if that is the place to focus on ebXML-specific
integration issues between specs.
- ebSOA will likely interact about coordination / architecture issues with the JC,
which will cascade to the TCs. Conversely, the flow of requirements may go the other way.
- Integration points are still fuzzy between ebXML specs. There has to be better
coordination/alignment for 3.0.

3- Versioning:

- we need to have specific use cases from each TC for how versions and compatibility
relationships will be used, which items need be versioned.
- CPPA / BPSS will provide a use case of dependency (CPA references BPSS 1.04, will be
impacted by changes in BPSS)
- Monica: QoS scenario (ebBP) will also illustrate dependencies.

4- New Orleans.

- should give a better architectural vision for the ebXML set, and also the
spec maintenance will be discussed.

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