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Subject: RE: [ebxml-jc] FW: [udef.builders] Update on eBusiness Standards Convergence from the auto industr

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I worked on the draft a bit over the weekend and tried to incorporate the suggestions that came from Karl, Monica, Jacques, and Dale into the exiting draft.  I converted the document to Word and turned on the tracking tool so it would be easier to see where I inserted the suggested changes.  Hope this is helpful!
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From: Jacques Durand [mailto:JDurand@us.fujitsu.com]
Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 8:06 PM
To: 'Dale Moberg'; ebxml-jc@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: john hardin
Subject: RE: [ebxml-jc] FW: [udef.builders] Update on eBusiness Standards Convergence from the auto industr

Agree that gathering/channeling requirements should be part of the charter for the marketing TC (of course, in case that is done in a formal way - e.g. user survey - the marketing group will need the help of other ebXML TCs, e.g. to define a set of proposed features.)

The more I see it, the more this marketing TC will need the cooperation of
other ebXML TCs - which is not bad: will probably force us to do our share of
PR stuff than we wouldn't have done otherwise !

As the - transient but privileged - editor of the marketing charter,
I took the liberty to add this new type of deliverable to the draft.

I will also show the draft to an expert (our marketing person ... :)


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From: Dale Moberg [mailto:dmoberg@cyclonecommerce.com]
Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 9:29 AM
To: ebxml-jc@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: john hardin
Subject: [ebxml-jc] FW: [udef.builders] Update on eBusiness Standards
Convergence from the auto industr


Here is a message from John Hardin regarding convergence of WS and ebXML
for b2b.

It occurred to me that the new "marketing" TC might also be a place for
general enduser requirements to be sent,
so that it is more a two-way street and not of interest primarily to

This idea might expand, or maybe just illustrate, Jacques' remarks about
Monica's draft adding something about interaction with OAG AIAG and so

It would be good to solicit input from endusers on requirements and it
might be easier (given how the functionality is spread over several TCs
at least) to have a central clearinghouse.


Dale Moberg

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From: john.hardin@gm.com [mailto:john.hardin@gm.com]
Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 9:12 AM
To: udef.builders@topica.com; udef.builders@topica.com
Cc: mgibbs@gibbs.com; dnickull@adobe.com; david@drrw.info;
mattm@adobe.com; mikeryan@rcn.com; psnack@aiag.org;
dconnelly@openapplications.org; mrowell@openapplications.org;
mgibbs@gibbs.com; dnickull@adobe.com; david@drrw.info; mattm@adobe.com;
mikeryan@rcn.com; psnack@aiag.org; dconnelly@openapplications.org;
Subject: [udef.builders] Update on eBusiness Standards Convergence from
the auto industr

The following message was posted to the udef.builders mailing list:

Friends and Associates -
As many of you know, there is a direction beginning to form in the
Automotive industry towards solving the problem of interoperability
between ebXML and Web Services.

This effort is being led by the Automotive Industry Action Group, and is
focused on creating convergence between the stacks, including transport,
reliability, transactionality, security, partner management, and other
areas. Priorities are on the basic plumbing (transport and reliability)
but will soon extend to the higher areas of the stack. I am working on
getting the data semantics and complex events subscription / monitoring
conversations in, but these aren't immediate sources of pain for most

The text below is a summary of the meeting that took place on May 12,
with AIAG, Automotive companies, and the key vendors representing the
major standards bodies. We are expecting this initiative to move out to
other industries, ie: Aerospace, Financial, Chemical, Electronics, etc.

This is a set of statements that I have created, and they shouldn't be
construed as official opinion of General Motors or AIAG.

Call with questions or email.

Best regards,

John C. Hardin
Chief Architect, ebXML
Application Architecture and Integration
313.737.1197 cell
313.667.4849 desk

eBusiness Standards Convergence

An Update from Automotive Industry Action Group

May 12, 2004

Southfield, MI

The Automotive Industry Action Group (http://www.aiag.org) has
officially launched a Working Group focused on Convergence between ebXML
and Web Services. Beginning in Spring 2003, planning between the largest
OEM's in the Supply Chain and AIAG developed an approach to solving the
lack of interoperability in many areas of the B2B standards stack.

Participants from WS-I, OASIS, IBM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, AIAG,
STAR (http://www.starstandard.org), tier 1 / tier 2 suppliers and the
major OEM's met in Southfield, Michigan on May 12, 2004. The format was
a forum discussion, with AIAG Working Group leads presenting the vision
for converged and interoperable stacks, and the IBM, Sun and Microsoft
representatives presenting not only agreement that we should all be
working toward this goal, but also some basic ideas for an approach to
solving the problem.

Setting the Stage for Change

Nearly one year ago, B2B leadership in the Automotive industry saw
divergent paths in it's members plans for deploying transport, partner
management, security and other B2B/A2A protocols. Some major OEMs were
choosing ebXML Standards and others were choosing Web Services
standards. NIST has recently estimated the cost of a non-interoperable
B2B standards landscape at over $1 billion annually for the Automotive
Supply Chain.

Knowing the impact of inaction, and with determination to collaborate in
a better way, eBusiness Directors, Chief Architects and engineers within
Ford and GM began working with the AIAG and the STAR, to discuss
solutions. Pat Snack, B2B Director for AIAG, Fred Falten, Application
Architecture Director at General Motors, and John Stenlake, Chief
Architect for Ford Motor company collaborated on messages, objectives
and delivery plans in Summer and Fall 2003.

The first meeting with vendors took place in January 2004, where
presentations were given by Ford and GM leaders, and reciprocating
presentations with positions, intentions and perspectives were given by
the standards and vendors leadership.

Among others, the primary persons representing IBM and the WS-I
organization were Tom Glover, Chris Ferris and others. Representing
Microsoft and WS-I was Chris Kurt, representing Microsoft and UN/CEFACT
was Dave Welsh, representing Sun Microsystems and WS-I was Ed Juslon and
Eduardo Gutentag, and representing BEA and OASIS was Ed Cobb.

To prepare for these conversations, prior one-on-one calls to each of
the companies attending, and conversations with Patrick Gannon and Karl
Best of OASIS were held to familiarize them with the messages and
direction. All participants expressed support for the objectives and the

Automotive Industry Launch

After introducing the concepts to the primary vendors in January, the
planning for the formal working group, initiation of the WS-I and OASIS
formal groups and planning for the rollout to the Auto industry were
set. On May 12, in Southfield, AIAG hosted the Supply Chain participants
and IBM, Sun Microsystems and Microsoft representatives and announced
the rollout of the Convergence Working Group, and invited all to

There was good attendance from Supplier participants, and a strong
showing of support from the Supply Chain participants, and the OEM's in
the room. In attendance were representatives from GM, Ford,
Daimer-Chrysler, Toyota, Caterpillar, Arvin Meritor, Delphi, Lear, and
many others.

Plans to Move Ahead the Convergence Activities

There is a need to organize the activities around the industry
associations, OASIS and WS-I groups. These are the initial plans:

- Establish AIAG Working Group be established to gather requirements for
conducting B2B messaging over the internet, from the Auto industry
participants. This has been finalized and is now open to all Automotive
Industry Action Group participants.

- Establish OASIS Technical Committee to receive the requirements from
the AIAG (and other industry) working groups for the Convergence specs.
This is currently underway, with members from the AIAG working group
interfacing with the leads on the OASIS tech committee.

- Establish connection from these groups to the WS-I Requirements
Gathering Working Group, headed by Chris Ferris at IBM. This is also
currently underway, and the members at AIAG, including AIAG itself, are
joining WS-I for the express purpose of participating in the
Requirements Gathering working group.

Processes and deliverables are still in progress, but the initial
thought is the best path to a universal, interoperable / converged stack
is for OASIS and WS-I to gather requirements from the various
participants and incorporate them into their various processes.

OASIS will continue to adhere to their mission and modus operandi, which
is to incorporate open, royalty-free and IP unencumbered specs, and to
develop said standards, making them part of the ratified OASIS library
of standards.

WS-I will continue to adhere to their mission and modus operandi, which
is to "respond to customer needs by providing guidance, recommended
practices, and supporting resources for developing interoperable Web
services." The artifacts that WS-I produces are recommendations for
usage of existing specs, packaged as Profiles, ie: the WS-I Basic
Profile and the recently released WS-I Basic Security Profile. Since
WS-I hasn't been in the business of drafting specs, the current
discussion is that they will incorporate the stable specs and standards
into a B2B Basic Profile with recommendations on usage.

The stated outcome, is to deliver an open, ratified, set of specs that
are converged and interoperable, most likely through OASIS. These will
then be included in a B2B Basic Profile, that includes ALL the areas of
the B2B stack that are deemed requirements for conducting business over
the Internet.

The Stack and Prioritization

The first areas of the stack that need to be converged, ie: Transport,
Security and Reliability... These obviously are the "basic plumbing"
that no one will get very far without. The others are not prioritized,
but include Business Process, Identity/Partner Management and Contracts,
Event Management/Alerting, Data Semantics, and Service Level Agreements.

Call to Action

The progression for this sea change in the way that the world views and
deploys internet based eBusiness can't remain only within the Automotive
industry. In order to create a universal, open set of standards that can
be used to reliably connect companies who wish to trade electronically,
all industries need to participate. Thanks to Pat Snack at AIAG for
leading the charge, and to the participants and vendors for joining the

John Hardin
Detroit, MI

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