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Subject: ebXML Mktg charter (was) RE: [ebxml-jc] ... Update on eBusiness Standards Convergence ...

I have a few quick responses to some of Carol's comments:

[cag2] -- Why mention original ebXML principles?
    JBC -- I think this reference was in the ebSOA TC charter also.  It was 
intended to point to, and impose, consistency with the approved ebXML 
Requirements from 2001, which embodies some guiding principles like 
modularity, composability, simplicity, free availability, etc.  Personally 
I think those principles are still essential to anything called 'ebXML', 
but that's just my opinion.

[cag5] -- Are we limited to supporting those ebXML users who *are* OASIS 
     JBC -- While it's not necessarily requied that we *say* this, there 
are some difference in the proposed TC, from the prior 
outside-of-OASIS-rules marketing effort.  Carol's in the best position to 
articulate what kinds of support can be provided to nonmembers.

[cag6] -- About funds solicitation and use
     JBC -- I have the same concern as Karl expressed.

[cag7] -- Who can "welcome" changes to ebXML?
     JBC -- This depends on how OASIS negotiations with CEFACT go.  We may 
(but have not yet) consider or reach some kind of agreement to pick up old 
liaisons and shared efforts there.

[cag11] -- Can the Mktg TC impose duties on other TCs?
     JBC -- I agree with Carol, they cannot.  Not only do the rules not 
permit this, but it's unrealistic.

[cag13] -- What relationship with other ebXML users (ebXML Asia, etc)?
     JBC -- Here's my unofficial take:
         (1) Anyone can join, and we will encourage this as we always do
         (2) The OASIS Liaison Policy applies, and provides some additional 
         (3) UN/ECE, as an original co-owner, may have the opportunity to 
enjoy some special relationship with the work, which we need to define by 
         (4) OASIS does retain the right to control use of the brand and 
copyright, as with all our work.  Due to the widely-distributed and joint 
nature of the original work, we probably will be fairly broad and 
unrestrictive in our encouragement and tolerance of parallel efforts.

At 06:54 AM 6/8/2004, Karl F. Best wrote:
>Attached is comments on the draft from Carol.

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