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ebxml-jc message

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Subject: Re: [ebxml-jc] discussion list, ebxml mktg ...

     We need to have OASIS policies (which protect members, as well as 
users of our work) apply to anything produced by our groups.  As our rules 
currently are written, this means all deliverables should done in TCs, and 
not (by nonmembers) in discussion groups.  As Karl points out you're free 
to use those opportunities for other unofficial coordination as 
well.  Jacques, is there a specific activity you want to conduct that's 
thwarted by this?  How can we help?  Regards  JBC

At 12:43 PM 9/9/2004, Karl F. Best wrote:
>I'm not sure where this "forum" would fit in the OASIS Process. Our 
>Process has definitions for Discussion Lists and Technical Committees, but 
>nothing matching exactly what you're talking about here. Of course anyone 
>is free to do whatever they want outside of OASIS, but for any effort to 
>have the OASIS name on it it needs to follow our Process and other policies.
>Jacques Durand wrote:
>>Here is below a rewording of the invite based on Karl's remarks, and also 
>>"Marketing" but only from the formal name of the TC when it appears 
>>(although that
>>concern may be premature at that point).
>>To be clear, the call for participation is not just for participation
>>to the discussion list, but also to start - though informally - a group
>>that may already decide to produce some work (hence the suggestion that
>>some meetings will take place). * * * I believe though that a good way to 
>>figure whether the TC is viable and how much people can put in, is to get 
>>the group operate already on some concrete action. * * *

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