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Subject: RE: discussion list creation

Title: Message
Here is then the proposed info for Karl to create the new list.
Please verify content. If I don't hear from you by tomorrow, that is what I would ask Karl to use for initiating this
discussion list. The names of other people who responded to a previous call for participation, would
be added as first subscribers.
1. The name of the discussion list:
2. A preliminary statement of scope for the TC  (see below):
3. The names, electronic mail addresses of creators:
names in the JC list (chairs and co-chairs of the ebXMLTCs)
4. Name of list moderator:
Matt McKenzie.
------------------------- start of statement of scope (inspired from draft charter)
A new forum is being formed to facilitate and promote the adoption of ebXML
(Electronic Business eXtensible Markup Language) specifications, and
their deployment. A concrete outcome of this forum will be a recommendation on whether
or not to create an ebXML Adoption Technical Committee (TC) under OASIS.
The new TC would not create technical specifications, but would create promotional, explanatory and
marketing materials related to the implementation and adoption of ebXML. The overall goals are:
· To provide a forum for collaboration on facilitating the promotion and adoption of ebXML specifications produced by OASIS and UN/CEFACT.
· To promote the worldwide adoption of ebXML OASIS Standards (ISO 15000) and ebXML specifications through marketing awareness and education programs.
Examples of supporting activities within the scope of this TC are:
1. Maintaining www.ebxml.org <http://www.ebxml.org> as a resource for relevant, accurate information:
-Identifying links to materials authored by third parties.
- Maintaining Implementations list and Adoption Update
- Advising OASIS staff regarding the look and feel of the site.
2. Creating a vendor- and industry-neutral ebXML Users Council (or similar entity) for the
balanced promotion of use of ebXML technologies and methodologies.
3. Supporting conference participation by creating a repository of promotional material,
identifying speakers, providing presentation materials,
coordinating stand-alone events and tracks within conferences.
4. Assisting in the coordination and promotion of OASIS Interoperability demonstrations involving ebXML
5. Identifying the need for materials to support adoption, such as white papers, implementation guidelines,
best practices, etc. The TC will then identify and solicit contributors from the originating ebXML TCs,
who can help produce this material.
6. Producing data sheets and/or brochures for distribution at conferences, seminars and other meetings.
7. Gather market data or project data worldwide, in a consistent way, and relay business and market requirements
to the ebXML technical committees.
The new TC could also work to align with relevant efforts of other organizations, such as RosettaNet, the Open Applications Group Inc.
(OAGI) and the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and eBusiness (UN/CEFACT) organization. Organizations developing or
promoting ebXML methodologies will be invited to participate subject to  OASIS rules.
Although the TC will not act as an accounting entity and will not have proper funds,  it may solicit resources and contributions
from its members and outside its membership, for the direct funding of its activities.
The TC will not publish normative public guidance about existing ebXML specifications that contradicts the approved texts.
It may gather new requirements, suggestions for change or extension, but these will be first submitted to the relevant originating TC,
and then both TCs will cooperate on proposing appropriate deployment guidelines that address these shortcomings,
expressed in a manner that does not undermine the approved specifications.
------------------------- end of statement
-----Original Message-----
From: Breininger, Kathryn R [mailto:kathryn.r.breininger@boeing.com]
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2004 8:36 AM
To: Jacques Durand; ebxml-jc@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: karl.best@oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [ebxml-jc] an update

I was a little unclear on the discussion list so want to try to clarify what I was thinking.  I believe we should request Karl set up the discussion list so that it can be made publicly available with a call for participation.  This will also provide broad visibility of the discussion list, and hopefully pull in additional people.  Of course Matt (who offered to lead the discussion list) and the names listed below would be subscribed to the list once it is set up.  Additionally, Karl would be posting the list and call for participation to the OASIS membership, and we could forward the call for participation to ebXML-dev and other lists as appropriate. 
Here is the section on OASIS discussion lists - seems a very simple and straight forward process!

(a). TC Discussion Lists

Any group of at least three Eligible Persons shall be authorized to begin a publicly subscribable discussion list for the purpose of forming a TC by submitting to OASIS TC Administration the following items:

  1. The name of the discussion list, which shall not be the same as the name of the list in which the TC itself will operate once formed;
  2. A preliminary statement of scope for the TC that the list is intended to form;
  3. The names, electronic mail addresses, and membership affiliations of the Eligible Persons proposing to create the discussion list; and
  4. The name of the discussion list leader.

No later than 15 days following the submission, OASIS TC Administration shall provide these materials to the membership with a Call For Participation in a discussion list whose purpose is to form the TC described in the application. Discussion of TC formation shall begin on the list no sooner than seven days after the announcement. More than one TC can be formed from a discussion list. A list established to discuss the formation of a TC under provisions of this section shall automatically go out of existence 90 days after the call for participation, together with its archive.

We have the first two items done, item 3 would be the JC members, and item 4 would be Matt. 
Was this what you had in mind as well?

-----Original Message-----
From: Jacques Durand [mailto:JDurand@us.fujitsu.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2004 1:50 PM
To: 'ebxml-jc@lists.oasis-open.org'
Subject: [ebxml-jc] an update

Quick update on the call today (restating minutes):

- we have given homework to everyone who did not complain (including absentees  ;-)

1. White paper:

we'd like to see a rough outline (bullet list of what would be developed in each part of the paper) by next meeting (October 6).

That is not too hard a first step: takes between 30mn and 1h for each assignee.

See the current structure of the paper below, which is still flexible.
Parts have beem (partially) assigned as follows.

1. ebXML: the Requirements, the Approach (TBD, thinking of a marketing team member, David Webber?)
2. Messaging (preferred: Ian - can reuse one of your presentations material? someone from MS TC can assist here too)
3. Business Transactions and Collaborations (Monica/Dale)
4. Collaboration Protocol Agreements (Dale)
5. The Registry-Repository (Kathryn)
6. Standardizing COntent (Jon Bosak?)
7. Testing ebXML (Jacques)
8. Deploying ebXML in a SOA environment (Matt)
9. Who deploys ebXML today (a marketing person may consolidate and edit the input we provide)

2. ebXML Adoption discussion list:

I propose we create this list asap with participants below
(at same time we are considering broadening the sending of the invite to ebxml-mktg / ebxml-dev. Any opinion on this?)

- members of JC (let us know if you don't)
- Joe Speed (jspeed@cyclonecommerce.com)
- Lisa Schiltz (lschiltz@us.fujitsu.com)
- Dick Brooks (dick@tech-comm.com)
- Patrick Hogan (phogan@sinotechnologies.com)
- David Webber (david@drrw.info)
- OASIS management (Carol? other?)



ebXML White Paper Synopsis

- the audience is "technical executive", say CTO and IT management, since they are decision makers on
adopting ebXML. Yet the style should resonate with vertical users with a B2B experience (e.g. EDI).
- also, for those already familiar with ebXML, the paper should give a feel of the future version.
- Each section would average 3-5 pages (overall paper between 30-50 pages, including figures).
Sections don't have to give an exhaustive view of the material referred to, nor a balanced summary,
but should convey the rationale behind it, and may focus on a few remarkable features.
Each section could include a short FAQ at the end.
- The outline below is rather classic, in breaking down by component. It could be different: describe
first the ISO version, then separately the future version (But the latter is too unstable today to deserve
a full section.) Or, could downplay the components and focus more on the integrated view, how everything
works together, giving away features details while unwinding scenarios & use cases. I though it would
be sufficient to have Section 1 do a bit of this binding-it-all-together job.
- we could involve marketing team to do Section #9.

1. ebXML: the Requirements, the Approach

- short definition: an ISO standard for Exchanging business messages, Conducting trading relationships,
Defining and registering business processes, Communicating data in common terms, Assembling business transactions.
- the business case (EDI-compatible in both content and architecture, accessible to SMEs, non-managed env.,
covering all partners of a supply chain, XML-based)
- an integrated approach of B2B focusing on interoperability needs, yet loose coupling with back-end systems.
- transitioning to ebXML (migration path)
- anatomy of an ebXML deployment (showing architecture, the interaction steps in usage scenarios)

2. Messaging

- Overview of current version
(requirements & design principles, summary of salient features, some use cases, relationship with other ebXML parts)
(this has to be described in a creative way: not a tech report,  but rationale and differentiation with what
exists outside)
- the roadmap: what is next, the new requirements. (Web services protocols, payload services, richer MEPs...)

3. Business Transactions and Collaborations

- Overview of current version
(requirements & design principles, summary of salient features, use case, relationship with other ebXML parts)
- the roadmap: what is next, the new requirements.

4. Collaboration Protocol Agreements

- Overview of current version
(requirements & design principles, summary of salient features, use case, relationship with other ebXML parts)
- the roadmap: what is next, the new requirements.

5. The Registry-Repository

- Overview of current version
(requirements & design principles, summary of salient features, use case, relationship with other ebXML parts)
- the roadmap: what is next, the new requirements.

6. Standardizing COntent

- Core components (requirements & design principles, summary of salient features)

7. Testing ebXML

- Summary of Interop tests in US, Asia, Europe.
- the role of IIC, test suites and test framework.

8. Deploying ebXML in a SOA environment
- where ebXML fits in (example arch from GM)
- pilot projects (AIAG...)

9. Who deploys ebXML
- survey
- what do people do with ebXML, value they see.

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