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Subject: Groups - ebXML JC Meeting, 16 March 2005 added

ebXML JC Meeting Agenda and Notice for 16 March 2005.

a. 23 February 2005 Meeting Minutes attached to Kavi calendar notice.
Minutes also stored on ebxml-jc under Meeting Notes under Documents in
Kavi. Meeting minutes include status summary (beginning draft): reference
b. Link to update white paper outline (see Kavi ebxml-jc site under
Documents under Calendar Documents).
c. Draft specification summary included in Meeting Minutes
(23 February 2005).

 -- Ms Monica Martin

ebXML JC Meeting, 16 March 2005 has been added by Ms Monica Martin

Date:  Wednesday, 16 March 2005
Time:  07:30am - 08:30am PT

Event Description:
877 330 9868, hit ** and then passcode when prompted (09868#)
For international, dial toll paid 909 472 3386, and then 877 number etc above.

1. ebXML adoption initiative - and user community requirements channeling - Status

Link to white paper and status summary (of specification development and adoption proliferation).

2. Update on integration and functional separation between specs - e.g. ebBP and CPPA alignment (Martin)
Deferred from last meeting due to time.

3. White paper (Martin): Additional inputs needed from Breininger for Reg/Rep. White paper outline reforwarded 9 February 2005. Link to status summary and work with ebSOA.

4. Other business
a. Continue ebSOA-JC collaboration.
b. Other items: OASIS symposium: Status updates.


View event details:

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Referenced Items
Date            Name                             Type
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Wed, 23 Feb 05  ebxml-jc-mtgminutes-mm1-022...   Minutes
Wed, 23 Feb 05  ebXMLWhitePaper-outline-0pt...   Reference Document

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