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Subject: Re: [ebxml-jc] [Fwd: SPAM-LOW: [ebsoa] document editing tasks]

> Hardin: Is the ebXML JC ready to share the notes for the executive 
> overview with the ebSOA TC, in order to solicit the input of the ebSOA 
> engineers?
> When we are ready, I will send out notice to the TC, request input 
> from the group and place the item on the agenda.
> john

mm1: John, thanks for taking the initiative. I'd propose we get comments 
on the white paper outline from the JC members through 8 April 2005. If 
agreeable, then share with ebSOA.  I've been doing the work (started by 
Jacques Durand), so I don't need to review. Kathryn B. has also 
commented. Pending comments from Jones, Moberg, Durand, JB Clark, and 
yourself.  Although published, I've not received any comments from the 
associated TC members. Thanks.

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