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Subject: OASIS 4/5/2005: EB Days 2005 in Europe May 17-19, 2005


> Translated short details: EDI-France, CEFACT and many other eBusiness 
> organizations/parties in Europe (including the MINEFI) are organizing 
> and eb Days 2004 & 2005 conferences.)  They anticipate 165 speakers 
> over three days with more than 30 rooms assigned, with an audience 
> projected at over 3,000.
> Many EDI and EAI players are already involved. Reference: 
> <http://www.ebusiness.info>

mm1: I was contacted by JJ Dubray after an inquiry from one of the EB 
Days organizers, Franck Prime. Another ebXML Reg/Rep member, Ivan 
Bedini, brought this event to that TC's attention. Kathryn Breininger 
and I (and her TC) felt this might be an opportunity for OASIS to brief 
ebXML. I think several members of the associated TCs would be happy to 
help on developing a presentation. The contact is Franck Prime:

    Franck PRIME
    Directeur commercial
    West Park, bātiment A.
    21 rue de l'industrie
    69530 BRIGNAIS - LYON
    Tel : +33 4 72 31 80 30
    Fax : + 33 4 72 31 80 31

Event is mid-May 2005. Several of us may not be able to travel or have 
conflicting events (Pim for example is in Europe and Mr. Bedinil). 
Please let us know as soon as practical as we need to solidify the 
discussion with Mr. Prime. I've cc: the JC and Kathryn spe Thank you.

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