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Subject: Geyer/Clark 4/12/2005: Status Summary of ebXML Specs

Carol and Jamie, recently we provided an updated status summary and 
asked if this information may be used in external messaging. Do you see 
this can be used and how (and in what way) could the ebxml-jc assist in 
ensuring this information gets to the community? Thanks.


Summary (resent 12 April 2005)
Question: On future update, do we add adoption indicators.

   * ebMS: v3.0 (in work, draft)
         o Draft in work. F2F held in January 2005, however progress
           has been slower than anticipated with a small group.
           Although progress has been slow, key changes are in work
           such as integration with WS-Reliability, payload services,
           security improvements, WS-I BP conformance, at a minimum.
         o Working document reference:
           (February 2005)
         o Status: May meet at OASIS symposium. No projected date for
           v3.0 Committee Draft status.
   * ebReg/Rep v3.0 (Committee Specifications approved, 15 March 2005)
         o v3.0 RIM and RS achieved Committee Draft in February 2005 and concluded public review 14 March 2005.
           The ebXML RIM and RS Committee Drafts were approved 15 March 2005, which lays the groundwork
           to move to OASIS standard. OASIS standardization process in progress for both specifications.
         o Significant improvements have been made including SAML
           support, WS-I BP compliance, event notification, content
           management capabilities, etc.
         o Specification references:
         o FAQ summary: http://www.ebxml.org/ebusinessxmlregistry.pdf
         o Capabilities summary update:
           http://xml.coverpages.org/ni2005-02-14-a.html (from Cover Pages)
   * ebCPPA v2.1 (in work, draft)
         o Errata v2.1 distributed in draft form in early February
           2005. Work continues slowly on negotiation and alignment
           with ebMS and ebBP specification development in the areas of
           role bindings, transactions, etc. Progress has been made in
           abstracting some of the ebCPPA concepts to enable effective
           use of many underlying protocols such as those for web
           services, AS2, etc.
         o Errata v2.1 reference:
   * ebBP: v2.0 (in work, TC review of pre-Committee Draft started 23 Feb 2005)
         o Package includes schema, XSLT example
           transform for v1.01=>2.0 migration, signals schema and
           example, comments and work item list, glossary. Many
           improvements have been made in state transitions,
           composability (ComplexBTA and OperationMapping), role
           binding and monitoring constructs. In addition, the BT
           patterns have been concretized and extensible patterns
           developed to enable the user community.
	 o A pre-notification was sent to key user
           communities to solicit early comments and investment. Valuable feedback has been received and comments resolved.
         o Pre-notification reference:
         o TC quorate vote to proceed to Committee Draft vote 5 April 2005. Vote will be initiated by 14 April 2005 (ballot will be
           open until 22 April 2005).
   * ebXML IIC v1.1 (Committee Draft package)
         o In January 2005, the IIC updated its conformance and
           interoperability packages including the IIC framework and
           achieved v1.1
         o Committee Draft status. This v1.1 update provides many
           improvements, and has also resulted in a freely available
         o from NIST. Improvements include more comprehensive web
           services and ebXML testing support. The team has also been
           working with OASIS on interoperability planning for expanded
           activities within OASIS standardization development and with
           a TAB subteam that is investigating how to rationalize
           conformance criteria (including informal discussions with W3C).
         o NIST open implementation: http://ebxmltesting.nist.gov/.
           Three implementations have been conducted by NIST, Korbit,
           and Drake Certivo.
         o v1.1 IIC Committee Drafts:

Core Components:
Inquiry to UBL (Crawford and BosaK) 12 April 2005.

Reference ebSOA TC
         o John Hardin, TC chair, has expressed an interest in restructuring the current architecture document. This will use (roughly) the format
           of the technical white paper outline that the ebxml-jc has developed. ebSOA will assist with architecture.

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