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ebxml-jc message

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Subject: deployment template

This is attached the current ebMS 2 deployment template (an instance filled-in by EAN-UCC is available on IIC site).


The template - to be updated -  allows a user community to "profile" the usage of ebMS2.

We are trying to define a more generic template structure that applies to all specs.


A usage profile is typically made of:

1. sub-selection of major feature modules or roles in a specification.

2. within a feature module, selection of options (for recommendation, or for strict requirement by the community)

3. within a feature module, profiling of content (e.g. format of a PartyId values, set of sub-elements required)

These recommendations may be made of assertions or of dependency rules (e.g. if you use this feature, don't use that one)


For each individual feature subject to profiling, the template would provide a small structure:

- specification feature (definition and spec reference)

- proposed profiling (narrow an option or define content)

- test case reference (optional)

- usage profile concerned


A community may decide to generate several user profiles.


So we see a pattern of profiling here that we'll try to keep generic enough as an XML markup + xsl transform for HTML.

(if you have some comment / additions to the above, let me know)







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