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Subject: ebsoa tc - working plan and content

ebSOA TC Members:

We have had a lull in activity, but are now ready to make some progress, after 
wrap-up of the OASIS Symposium in New Orleans.

1. There is one outstanding item to be wrapped up:

Vote on charter clarification:
We have a total of 3 votes (all Yes) on this item, and we require a Special 
Majority Vote. I was also remiss in the procedure required for the vote, see the 
note below re: Charter Clarification. We need to await the comment from the TC 
Administrator regarding the vote process, ie: can we continue to vote as is, or 
do we require the TC Administrator to setup and conduct the ballot. A separate 
notification to the TC Administrator has been sent prior to this email.

The proposed charter clarification can be found at:

2. We need to begin the work on the Technical Architecture revision.

I am requesting that all editors make themselves available for a series of 
working sessions. Contained in the "::" markers below is the proposed plan, 
notes and suggested items for documenting a new version of the Technical 
Architecture, with a proposed version number 2.0.

Please comment on your availability and the content re: the revisions found in 
this email.

Thank you, best regards.

john c hardin
Chair, OASIS ebSOA Technical Committee
313.279.1377 new *VONAGE* number

"The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global 

     Marshall McLuhan, "Gutenberg Galaxy", 1962


Technical Architecture V2.0 Working Draft Notes
updated may 1, 2005 - john hardin

..:: introduction ::..

Service Oriented Architectures are currently, and may always, evolve to 
encompass new technologies and new functions. The ebXML

specifications (ebMS, CPPA, Reg/Rep and BPSS), when used to create an e-Business 
framework, deliver a stable SOA. The ebXML Technical

Architecture Specification v1.04 document was last revised in February 2001, and 
requires updates to reflect the latest stable specifications,

patterns and usage.

..:: document features ::..

- Based on SOA concepts, with descriptions of ebXML and related OASIS 
specifications in a Service Oriented Architecture
- Illustrates the primary components with features of each
- Defines several use cases with a variety of industries, architectures and purposes
- Restructured document sections to synchronize terms and sections with the 
upcoming ebXML Joint Committee White Paper and latest stable SOA-RM TC information
- Add appendixes including use cases from various industries and for various 

..:: working plan ::..

Gather the editors for a series of working sessions to:

1. review the current technical architecture document, v1.04
2. review the ebXML JC white paper that is in working draft state
3. review the current running discussions coming out of the SOA-RM TC
4. review the ebsoa-wd-047.doc and the wd-soa-rm-04.pdf
5. agree on the new components and specifications for inclusion in the tech arch 
document v2.0, document and push to reviewers outside the TC for feedback
6. define use cases for inclusion (variety of architectures, industries & 
purposes), document the list and push to reviewers outside the TC for feedback
7. Publish the outline for the document, push to reviewers outside the TC for 
8. Iterate on all documents based on feedback from in and outside the TC
9. Assign sections of the tech arch to editors
10. Iterate on the document with reviews outside the TC periodically
11. Publish for vote.

..:: notes ::..

- update version number to 2.0

- determine the applicability of SOA related OASIS standards ratified since TA 
v1.04 was published:

	C.2.1  ebXML Message Service v2.0 / v3.0
	C.2.2  ebXML Registry Services Specification v2.0
	C.2.3  ebXML CPPA v2.0
	C.2.4  SAML v2.0
	C.2.5  XACML v1.0
	C.2.6  WSS
	C.2.7. WS-Reliability v1.1
	C.2.8  UDDI v2
	C.2.9  SPML v1.0
	C.2.10 DSML v2.0
	C.2.11 WSDM v1.0

- update the version numbers of all referenced specifications (eg: ebMS 2.0)

- update with UML and simple diagrams throughout, specifically package, sequence 
and activity diagrams to illustrate the usage of the various

components and interactions between those components.

- section revisions to TA version 1.04:

- - TA Section 4.1 Problem Description and goals - -

Add descriptions of Service Oriented Architecture advances in modern IT 

Add information describing the solution to these problems as a Service Oriented 
Architecture framework.

Include updated language depicting the usage of ebXML specifications as the 
components of a service oriented arch-itecture.

- - TA Section 8 ebXML Infrastructure - -

Based on decisions re: the newly ratified standards (C.2 above), addition of new 
sections describing the functions of the standard, detailing the

architecture and relating these details to other functions listed in section 8.

Update section 8.2 with BPSS v2.0 capabilities

Update Appendixes to reflect increased functionality of later versions.


The document can be found at:

Re: the Charter Clarification, from 

  2.11 TC Charter Clarification

     A TC may clarify its Charter only for the purpose of removing ambiguity or 
for narrowing the scope of the topic defined by the Charter. The TC may not 
broaden or otherwise change its scope of the topic of work. The list of 
deliverables may be expanded only if the new deliverables are within the scope 
of the topic.

     Approval for clarification shall require a Special Majority Vote of the TC. 
The clarification of the Charter may occur no earlier than the first meeting of 
the TC. The TC Chair shall notify the TC Administrator that a motion has been 
made to clarify the Charter, and the TC Administrator shall set up and conduct 
the ballot.

     The TC Administrator may prevent the proposed clarification from coming to 
vote if it is not in conformance with OASIS policies. The TC Administrator must 
within 15 days either open the ballot or reply to the TC with the reason why the 
change cannot be voted upon. The clarified Charter shall not take effect until 
approved and announced by the TC Administrator. The TC Administrator shall 
publicize approved changes as specified in section 2.8 and any revisable 
publicly visible description (e.g., web page) promulgated by the TC shall be 
updated to reflect such changes.

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