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Subject: Re: [ebxml-jc] Durand 5/24/2005: ebMS v3.0 Packaging and MessagingModel

Here is my preliminary outline v2 = your comments please.
I eliminated a lot of the detail, and will describe each in high level, with 
references to other sections of the white paper and to the Tech Arch. v2.0.



x  Introduction
     B2B messaging growth and need Service Oriented Architecture Frameworks
     The Internet as global SOA
     Future Scenarios - Consumers participating in B2B via Agent Frameworks

x 1 - Overview
        3 1 Service Oriented Architecture Frameworks
        3.2 Application Composition in an SOA Environment

x 2 Status of Standards
       2 1 Status of each standard in Technical Architecture v2.0

x 3 Current Features
       3 1 Service Oriented Architecture Features
             3.1.1  Transport, Message Reliability and Error Management
             3.1.3  Registries and Federation for Circles of Trust
             3.1.4  Party Agreement for Conducting e-Business
             3.1.5  Multi-party Business Processes
             3.1.6  Security and Identity
             3.1.7  Service Interface Management

x 4 Future Plans
    -  Overview
    -  Feature Set (overview)
       4 1 Industry Grouping and Global Federation of Registries
       4 2 Discovery and Negotiation
       4 3 Agent Framework
       4 4 Event Architecture and Messaging

    -  Relationship to other specifications and standards
x 5 Business scenario example
x 6 References and materials

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