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Subject: Technical whitepaper comments



            Here are some comments on the messaging section of the technical overview.   I’ll look at the rest over the next week for any further comments.


ebXML Technical Overview





Suggested change



Difficult to find things

Add page number/ section numbers/ contents

Final edit issue

Page 3 / Messaging Overview

“The ebMS was developed to provide for secure”

Change “for” to “the”


Page 3 / Messaging Overview

Support for FTP is not widespread

Remove “FTP”


Page 4 / Overview

Message exchange patterns. Need to reference multiple exchange patterns – this is referenced in the later section but needs higher priority

Change to be “Multiple message exchange patterns including push and pull that map to different type of business transactions.”


Page 4 / Last section

Multi-hop may not be supported in version 3.0

Remove last sentence from paragraph.


Page 5 / after V3.0 before Business scenario

Add the list of referenced specs for V3.0.  This may be moved form Page 4 Overview

Add The following spec. references

WS-I Basic Profile, WS-I attachment profile (Jacques what exactly is this called?), WS-Security, WS-Reliability…



We need to come up with a cover page that has some impact but is simple to understand

Add a cover with the title of ebXML Technical overview with a jigsaw with each piece labelled with an ebXML component between to buildings or such like.

Low – Final edit







Ian Jones

Chair ebXML Messaging Services TC

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