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Subject: ebxml-jc 1/4/2006: Meeting Minutes 4 January 2006 - Happy New Year!

ebxml jc Meeting Minutes 4 January 2006



1. Composability and conformance statements.
Martin: Some of the context of the specifications differs. The verbiage 
could be put in a more positive and compatible context.
vanderEijk: We are seeing for example that ebMS is most often used with 
CPP/A.  Consider minor modifications per specification.
Breininger: We have historically talked about loose coupling and alignment.
Martin: We should combine these good suggestions.
Breininger: Propose draft language and then discuss what each TC wishes 
to do (if anything).

ACTION: Martin - Propose draft minimal language per specification.
Status: Drafts issued 4 January 2006.

2. OASIS symposium
Martin: ebBP made a submission on interoperability using modular process 
definitions-health care, criminal justice and local government.
Breininger: Registry as well - case study from Carl Mattocks for 
European project.
vanderEijk: I will do an ebMS tutorial focused on implementation.
Martin: Let's post the abstracts for ebxml-jc reference.

ACTION: vanderEijk/Martin/Breininger - Provide references to abstracts 
(no decisions made on acceptance).
Status: Martin and vanderEijk posted references to ebxml-jc 4 January 
2006 (see below).

    Introduction to ebXML for implementers
    Focus on the User Community: Effectively using modular collaborative 
process definitions to realize eBusiness interoperability

3. Meeting time/date changes for 2006.

ACTION: Martin - Post suggestions to list.
Status: Posted 4 January 2006 (separate email).

4. Other business
vanderEijk: Have new case study template and process defined for OASIS.

reference: (from Pim)

    As we discussed, here is a link to the OASIS Case Study guidelines


    This offers the opportunity to give visibility to implementations of
    the OASIS ebXML standards (or other OASIS specifications) on the
    OASIS and/or
    ebXML.org web site, and show ebXML is alive and used in production
    around the world. While the guidelines are there to make sure the
    mechanism doesn't get abused, there are obviously benefits for users
    and their suppliers to be associated publicly with leading

    The first request to use this mechanism is actually to publish the
    ebXML Messaging implementation in the Norwegian healthcare system,
    which was
    presented at last year's OASIS Symposium in London.


    I would very much encourage you to look at the guidelines and
    encourage your colleagues to use this mechanism.

Adjourned 7:56 a.m. PST 4 January 2006.

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