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ebxml-jc message

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Subject: Rawlins 4/14/2006: ebXML Critical Assessment

We've developed an overview summary to provide you for your request to 
do an updated assessment on ebXML. Most of the ebxml-jc have questions. 
Your feedback will assist us in providing the information you seek. This 
information I don't believe was found in the original email. So, if you 
could provide further details, it would be greatly appreciated. 
Questions are:

    * Adoption, usage and scope of ebXML seem important here. What is
      your intended scope and what are your goals with this update?
    * If we work with one of the previous premises [1] - this framework
      failed and this is to be a critical assessment, will solutions to
      gaps you identify be part of this update?
    * Will you include what has changed since the original piece?  Has
      your focus changed in how this article will be presented?
    * (one specific from this group) In general, how is X12 CICA now
      looking to take advantage of any work in the ebXML realm (which
      includes use of emerging technologies)? How is X12 aligning with
      the UN/CEFACT work - particularly on CCTS?

Any other details relevant to any submission would be great. This will 
assist us in refining or changing what you have so the information will 
be beneficial to your current focus. Thanks.

[1] Correct me here as I don't believe I was involved.

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