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ebxml-jc message

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Subject: white paper updates

Messaging Service


Propose the following (Ian to double-check):


- replace “Reliable processing” with “Reliable messaging: guaranteed delivery, duplicate elimination, ordered delivery.” (maybe move the bullet just before the Security bullet)


- propose to remove “WS-SOAP Message Security v1.0” and add instead just “WS-Security” to the list of last bullet “Compliant with WS-Security, WS-I Basic Profile v1.1…..”


- Remove “packaging services” bullet (might be addressed in part 2, but not in part 1 of spec)

- Remove “Application interface” bullet.


- Add bullet “message exchange patterns (MEPs) that support higher level business transactions and their monitoring.”

- Add bullet “message pulling feature for lightweight message handlers with limited connectivity (SMEs)”


- Maybe extend bullet:  “Delegation of protocol functions to web services standards (reliability, security)”




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