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Subject: Geyer/Clark 4/24/2006: ebXML Overview White Paper

In preparing an updated overview and to use the OASIS template, the 
ebxml-jc has produced the referenced document. I think it is a pretty 
decent overview of the specifications, their relevance, and with 
adoption detail. It will be updated I am sure in the future.  The 
ebXML-jc today asked that we query OASIS to post to ebxml.org and to put 
in Robin Cover pages.

I've made the public links available and provided the links to Mike 
Rawlins as well.

We'd appreciate any visibility you could provide in getting out the word 
on this document. I expect to use it as a baseline for a Lightning Round 
for the JC at the OASIS Symposium. This round, the paper and the 
tutorials by Pim and for CC may be good fodder for those considering use 
of the technology or hybrid approaches using emerging ones.

Thanks to the JC for their assistance in producing these documents.
Public URLs are:

  1. .pdf:

  2. .doc:

  3. diff02:

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