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Subject: Re: [ebxml-jc] FW: ebXML specifications as Chinese national standards

     This looks generally favorable, although we will want to do some 
internal research into exactly which bits, at what versions, get endorsed, 
with what status.  I will report back to you on this.
     Speaking in general terms:   when something gets to a final approval 
level in ISO, ITU-T or etc., it's an expected and happy feature that it may 
be transliterated into local vernacular by the member national bodies, as 
well.  There are some controls around this.
     As we send more of our work for de jure approval, the exact mechanics 
of this bear watching.   This is great for adoption, so institutionally, we 
do want to have a receptive posture towards it, while still being aware of 
inadvertent forking risks.  Count on OASIS staff to follow up in more detail.
     We were delighted to see and chat with so many of you in San Francisco.
     Cordially   Jamie

At 08:59 AM 5/13/2006, Pim van der Eijk wrote:
>See the attached message about ebXML becoming a national status in China. 
>The referenced document is called "ebXML Technical Architecture", and 
>Dennis also mentions BPSS, so this is not a one-to-one Chinese endorsement 
>of ISO 15000.  Perhaps this is the original (2001) set of deliverables?
>From: Dennis.Ding@Sun.COM [mailto:Dennis.Ding@Sun.COM]
>Sent: 13 May 2006 17:08
>To: Pim van der Eijk
>Subject: Re: ebXML specifications as Chinese national standards
>Hello, Pim,
>    More about ebXML as National Standard in China.
>- The ebXML Architecture spec was adopted as a Chinese National Standard 
>in 2003, the number is GB/T 19256.1-2003, which could be found on: 
>- ebMS, CC, RegRep, BPSS, and CPP/A have all passed expert review and been 
>forwarded to an agency known as the SAC for approval.
>Happy New Year!
>Dennis Ding, Ph.D
>Standard Strategy Manager
>Sun Microsystems, China
>Tel:+86 10 68093529/X28529
>Fax:+86 10 68029989
>16F Canway building, 66# Nan Li Shi Road
>Xi Cheng District, Beijing, 100045, PRC

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