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Subject: Re: [ebxml-jc] Re: ebXML Overview White Paper

Monica J. Martin wrote:
>>> In preparing an updated overview and to use the OASIS template, the 
>>> ebxml-jc has produced the referenced document. I think it is a 
>>> pretty decent overview of the specifications * * * the ebXML-jc 
>>> today asked that we query OASIS to post to ebxml.org * * *  We'd 
>>> appreciate any visibility you could provide * *
>>> ========
>>> Public URLs are:
>>>  1. .pdf:
>>> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/17817/ebxmljc-WhitePaper-wd-r02-en.pdf 
>>>  2. .doc:
>>> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/17816/ebxmljc-WhitePaper-wd-r02-en.doc 
>>> * * *
>> Thanks for these, and congratulations on the work.  Carol will work 
>> with you to make sure they get posted and announced to the proper 
>> locations.  Nice to have the MSFT Word and PDF versions;   would you 
>> also consider offering an OpenDocument format?   Attached is a quick 
>> conversion I did, which might at least serve as a starting point.
>>     Also, to the extent we get comments, should we send them to the 
>> JC list?
>>     Kind regards  Jamie
> mm1: Send any comments to this list Jamie. This conversion looks fine 
> to use. Maybe OASIS should provide a template using ODF rather than MS 
> (which is the template we used provided by you). :>)
Hi Monica,
  Yes, that's on my list ;-) The white paper template was created by a
freelancer who unfortunately is unfamiliar with any of the ODF tools.
I'm going to need to bolster my OpenOffice template-building skills to
tackle this one, or maybe I'll just toss it to the ODF Adoption TC as
one of their work items is to create sample documents.

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