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Subject: [Fwd: Re: [ubl] UBL International 2006 was a success]

Note, Sacha has requested a slot at our next ebXML-JC meeting to discuss 
opportunities. Thank you.
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Hi Moncia

When I was travelling home I started to read the "A
National Web Service Based Infrastructure" from the Danish IT (please
find the brochure attached). So they are basing their infrastructure on
WS-* ... and when you keep reading on RASP (asynchronous reliable and
secure profile). From the brochure RASP is based on the WS-I
recommendations and is based on SOAP 1.1, WSDL 1.1, UDDI 2.0, XML 1.0,
XML Schema 1.0, WS-Security and WS-ReliableMessaging. But I could not
find a specification about RASP ... is it RAMP? but it clearly says
RASP ... is it a Danish profile?. I asked Mikkel Brun but I have not got
a response yet (just resent the email).

... so it seems to me that the people have been busy with UBL itself ...
and left the infrastructure to those WS-* standards, it would be
interesting to find out how they have based their infrastructure
decisions ...

I remember Mikkel Brun having said that they did NOT do the
collaborative business processes.

At the same time when I talked with people ... it seems to make sense to
them to a) define the collaborative business processes, b) select the
business documents that get exchanged in these processes and then c)
move to messaging (maybe via CPA). Also have a look at the other "Status
Update ..." document that I have attached ... they are looking for
agreements, eg something like the CPA that lists the supported
collaborative business processes ....

I still have an email in my saved folder that I wanted to send to the
UBL people so that we the ebXML community can support them for their
infrastructure. UBL is so asynchronous exchange of business document
oriented ... they may just not know enough of ebBP (or got overwhelmed
or overinformed with possibilities in the WS-* standards so that they
did not check ebXML).

Monica, I want to give feedback of my experience in an ebJC call, maybe
if you invite me or let me know when the next call takes
place ...thanks.

Monica, I think we should make sure we can meet the NES people and
show/demonstrate ebXML Business Process, ebXML CPA's and ebXML messaging
(if we manage to have a ebXML Registry/Repository enabled even better).
I would participate and travel to a NES meeting. The way I see it is
that the Danish are the Darling in the UBL world because they managed
it, they achieved that their work will be happening in real ... so all
the other countries want to achieve what the Danish have achieved ... so
the other countries may look how they have done it and do it the same
way (.... excluding ebXML messaging for example). BTW when I asked
Mikkel why ebXML messaging was not considered he told me that he has
done a study (probably somebody else ... maybe some consultant) and that
the study simply pointed to Web Services standards (Mikkel wanted to
send me that study) ... but Mikkel thought that he may consider ebXML
messaging as an alternative in the future (seems it just needs somebody
to take the lead to evaluate ebXML messaging and the other ebXML
technologies again).



Am Montag, den 27.11.2006, 12:00 -0800 schrieb Monica J. Martin:
> G. Ken Holman wrote:
> > Hi Monica!
> >
> > I didn't attend Sacha's presentation as I was chairing a parallel 
> > session on the North European Subset.
> >
> > I've copied Sacha in case he has an observation of the attendance at 
> > his session and the questions that he fielded.
> >
> > . . . . . . . . . Ken
> mm1: Ken, many of the efforts surrounding use of UBL have clear need for 
> and use of business processes, even if not directly used in a process 
> definition. That is the root of my question, for example in the context 
> of NES (which I just reviewed from the Singapore package). Thanks.


Status from Denmark_singapore.pdf

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