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Subject: ebXML XML.org Homework for JC

If we are going to meet our goal of announcing the ebXML XML.org site this
month, we need to get cracking.

First, I created a page in the Knowledge base for each TC (see links at
http://ebxml.xml.org/knowledge-base). Each TC chair (or their designate) needs
to add content to their group's page BEFORE COB THURSDAY, 11 JAN. At a minimum,
this content should be a brief overview that defines the TC's work in basic
terms. Be sure to include links to the specifications and to the TC's public
homepage on the OASIS site. 

You (as Editorial Board members) can edit and add Knowledge base pages at any
time, but you should try to avoid including information that will become
outdated too quickly (unless you *know* you're going to stay on top of it).
Registered users of the site will be able to append comments to your Knowledge
base pages, but they won't be able to edit the main text.

In addition to the main overview page for each TC, sub-pages may be created to
provide information at a more detailed level. To create a sub-page (child-page)
in the Knowledge base:
1. log in
2. select "create content" from the right column of links
3. select "book page"
4. specify a title for the page; a path alias is optional (but recommended).
5. activate the pull-down menu for "Parent" and select your TC page from under
the "Knowledge base" listing.
6. add your text in the "Body" field
7. if you're creating multiple sub-pages, activate the "Weight" pull-down menu
to specify the order in which you want them to appear in the index
8. preview your work
9. submit

Second, if your employer offers a product or service related to ebXML, please
create a listing in http://ebxml.xml.org/products or
http://ebxml.xml.org/services. Each listing can only be edited by its author
and by the OASIS admin staff. Others may append comments (e.g. a customer may
comment on how great your product is), but they can't alter the listing itself
(this protects against competitors editing each other's listings.)

Next, please consider adding a testimonial to

Finally, if you want to be identified as a member of the Editorial Board,
please add your name and *brief* bio to http://ebxml.xml.org/editorial-board.
(See http://dita.xml.org/editorial-board for an example.) 

On Friday, 12 Jan, I'll send a message to members of all the OASIS ebXML TCs
and ask them to add their own products, services, news, testimonials,
recommended resources, etc. prior to our public launch. It is very important
that the Knowledge base pages be filled before then (so members easily
understand what we're trying to do).

In the meantime, I'll start drafting a press release to announce the site. If
your company is interested in becoming a sponsor, please let me know; site
sponsors will be featured and quoted in the press release.


Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
+1.978.667.5115 x209 

OASIS Symposium:
"eBusiness and Open Standards: 
Understanding the Facts, Fiction, and Future"
15-18 April 2007 San Diego, CA USA

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